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After 49 years at Weidmann's, waiter James Nance retiring

By Staff
KEEPING BUSY n James Nance, a regular face at Weidmann's for the past 49 years, is retiring next Friday. Photo by Carisa McCain/The Meridian Star
By Scottye Carter/The Meridian Star
June 29, 2001
The year was 1952.
Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected President, and the Korean War had hit its zenith.
American children were introduced to Mr. Potato Head and Pez dispensers, and American adults were driving Chevrolet Bel Air's and watching the first televised Academy Awards, hosted by Bob Hope.
And in 1952, a young man named James Nance, barely out of his teens, took a job as a waiter at a popular downtown restaurant known as Weidmann's.
He's been there ever since.
Nance, born in Alabama, moved to Meridian six months before taking his Weidmann's job. He and his wife, Dorothy, now have three sons and nine grandchildren.
Nance said he enjoys meeting people at the restaurant. Because he works behind the counter as a waiter, he talks with tons of people every day.
For the people Nance loved to talk to, time is limited. At age 69, 49 years after he first walked into Weidmann's and took the job, Nance is retiring. His last day will be Friday, July 6.
Over so many years, one grows accustomed to the routine of working in the same place, around the same people. Nance's new life will be both exciting and difficult to get used to. But with his family and church to attend to, he'll be busy.
Even with his new life, it will be hard to forget the old. Just before he rushed off across Weidmann's to check on his hungry costumers, Nance explained what he'll miss the most.
Scottye Carter is a staff writer for The Meridian Star. Call her at 693-1551.