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The Musgrove split

By Staff
June 24, 2001
It is said that at least one of only three primary motivating factors influence human behavior  money, sex and power. This may be a somewhat jaundiced view used by professional counselors to help couples identify and, hopefully, make sense of what drove a relationship into the ground.
Which factor was at work in the decision of Gov. Ronnie Musgrove and first lady Melanie Musgrove to dissolve their marriage of 24 years may be ripe for speculation, but not in this space. Suffice it to say another Mississippi political family has been ripped apart for reasons that were not fully disclosed. For all we know, it may be the pressure of the job.
Maybe it's enough to know that the Musgroves opted to split, finding their own peace in the legal phrase "irreconcilable differences" instead of a protracted and very public trial date in divorce court. Under the circumstances the governor announced in his news conference last week, that's probably the best course if they are to keep joint custody of their children.
Reactions to their decision have been varied. But two reactions from politicians of very different backgrounds are ones we ought to remember:
Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck said, simply, she'll be keeping the Musgroves and their children in her thoughts and prayers. Former Gov. Kirk Fordice, who survived a barrage of negative press about his own marital woes, said the Musgroves' problem was none of his business and he had no comment to make.
Good sense on both counts.