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State Games keep rolling this weekend

By By Scottye Carter/The Meridian Star
June 22, 2001
The 10th annual State Games of Mississippi keeps rolling, with the second of two weekends of events.
Last weekend, events like archery, bowling, youth soccer, softball, and track and field took place at various locations throughout the city. Overall, the weekend was a success, and officials say there were few complications.
This weekend, the State Games will host its adult games. Adult and youth sports are played on separate weekends.
Adult baseball, powerlifting, and two-man volleyball were held last weekend, and high school basketball, which started June 21, will finish this weekend.
The following events will be held this weekend:
Baseball (June 20-24)
High school basketball (June 21-24)
Volleyball, 4-man (June 23)
Western Pleasure (June 23)
Canoe/Kayak (June 23)
5K Road race (June 23)
Cycling (June 23)
Masters swimming (June 23)
Fencing (June 23-24)
Adult soccer (June 23-24)
Youth and adult tennis (June 23-24)
Biathlon (June 24)
Mountain bike races (June 24)
Mule and donkey show (June 24).
East Mississippi Community College was set to host high school basketball for the first time, but now the competition will be held at four locations instead of six. Meridian Community College, Meridian High School, Newton County High School, and East Central Community College will host basketball games through Saturday. MCC and MHS will host the semifinals Sunday morning. There are 20 boys' teams and 19 girls' teams.
The State Games hosts a variety of events that attract thousands of participants and fans. The Games was expecting around 4,500 athletes to participate in all the events, and so far they have come close to that number. This weekend's events will be some of the most exciting and competitive events at the Games, and most events do not charge admission.
For more information, call the State Games of Mississippi office at 482-0205, or go by the office at Meridian Community College.
Scottye Carter is a staff writer for The Meridian Star.