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Ramey has volunteered at every State Games

By Staff
LONGTIME VOLUNTEER n "The fun thing is meeting players and parents from all over the state," says Margaret Ramey of her 10 years of volunteer work with the State Games. Photo by Carisa McCain/The Meridian Star
By Scottye Carter/The Meridian Star
June 24, 2001
The State Games of Mississippi immensely contributes to our area of the state, and much of the success of the Games depends upon the volunteers that willingly give tons of their own time and energy.
One volunteer, Margaret Ramey, has been with the Games since its very first year in 1992. Her grandsons played soccer, and their enthusiasm for the sport and for the Games attracted her to another volunteer opportunity.
Ramey, who owns the photo shop Quick Prints, loves to spend her time improving our community by doing things like giving tours of the Opera House and singing in her church choir. She enjoys showing off Meridian.
This year, Ramey was the venue manager for the youth soccer competition held last weekend at Northeast Park. Because soccer initially attracted her to the State Games, she was excited about her position, and she was able to see one of her grandsons play.
This weekend, Ramey volunteered at the men's soccer events at Northeast Park. She hoped to see another of her grandsons play on the under-30 team.
With as much work as a volunteer actually does for the State Games, it's amazing that Ramey even gets to watch a little of the action.
Ramey described her duties as a venue manager as both rewarding and demanding.
Ramey said she did not have to do much cleaning this year, and that she was very happy with the way visitors treated the fields.
Ramey explained why she loves to volunteer so much.
Even though the State Games depends upon the volunteers, Ramey recognized that someone has to be in charge of them and organize the events.
Last year, Ramey won the Volunteer of the Year award from the State Games, but that's not what makes volunteering worthwhile to her.
Scottye Carter is a staff writer for The Meridian Star. Call her at 693-1551.