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A grateful mother says thank you'

By By Mandy Kleinman/Special to The Meridian Star
June 25, 2001
I just wanted to take a moment to thank a very special boy and to remind the parents in our community how quickly accidents happen.
On Thursday, my nephew, Corey McClure, age 6, saved my son, Jake Kleinman, age 4, from drowning.
We had just gotten out to the pool, so none of the children had gotten in yet. The other adults and I were trying to make some shade for my newborn. The next thing I knew one of the kids said Jake had jumped in the pool without his swimmies on.
I looked over and Jake was already out of the pool on his hands and knees coughing. I ran to him to make sure he was ok, which he was. My nephew kept saying, "I saved him," but I wasn't paying him much attention because I was focusing on Jake.
Later that night I asked Jake what happened and asked him why he jumped in the pool without his swimmies on and he said he forgot he didn't have them on. Jake said he jumped in the pool and sank, then Corey jumped in, grabbed him and took him to the stairs.
After Jake told me this, I realized just how close I came to losing him that day.
To all those parents out there who take their children swimming this summer, I want to remind them how quickly an accident can happen don't take one second for granted!
I always keep such a close eye on my son, but on this particular day, I turned away briefly and almost lost him.
But, thanks to a quick-acting 6-year-old, my son is still with me today.
I am so very thankful for my nephew! Corey did a very brave thing and he truly is a HERO! Thank you so very much Corey I will never forget your act of bravery!