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Doctor raises money for Hope for Children'

By Staff
Special to The Star
June 19, 2001
Dr. Jack Hall, owner of Hall Chiropractic, recently held a "Patient Appreciation Day," not charging for his services but asking patients to make a donation to the charity of his choice.
On his most recent Patient Appreciation Day, he asked for donations for Hope for Children.
The future home of Hope for Children, which will house abused and neglected children, is currently undergoing renovations at what is known as the Old Masonic Home on 23rd Avenue.
Carrie Ponder, executive director of Hope for Children, said she is thrilled to see such community support.
Hall has been practicing in Meridian for five years.
The May 8 event raised more than $500 in cash donations, as well as supplies that will be needed in the near future, such as diapers, toys, books and personal hygiene products.