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School district proposes 1.7 mill tax increase

By By Steve Gillespie/The Meridian Star
June 15, 2001
Charlotte Parker, director of finance for the Lauderdale County School District, spoke plainly at a public budget hearing Thursday.
School district officials propose a 1.7 mill ad valorem tax increase for fiscal year 2002. The budget shows total revenues of $41,762,284 and total expenditures of $41,861,684 a difference of $99,400.
n Overall: A breakdown of the district's revenues shows 62.83 percent comes from state sources, 25.85 percent from local revenues, 10.87 percent from federal sources and .45 percent from 16th Section revenues.
Total expenditures in the proposed budget are $258,206 less than the current year.
n Decreases: The $20,891,148 budgeted for instruction including salaries and benefits for 417 teachers, 116 teacher assistants, two interpreters, teaching supplies and equipment is $154,523 less than the current budget. It is the largest area of expenditure, at 57 percent.
A $133,772 decrease is proposed in support services for instructional staff, which is 3 percent of expenditures including salaries and benefits for 10 certified librarians and one assistant librarian. Staff development, special education, supplies, travel, fees and equipment are also included in that budget line.
n Increases: An increase of $358,093 will go to student support services, which includes salaries and benefits for 24 certified positions including counselors and speech teachers. A $70,412 increase is budgeted for school administration support services. Food services was increased by $164,381 and transportation support services was increased $27,381.
The school board is scheduled to adopt the 2002 budget June 21.
Steve Gillespie is a staff writer for The Meridian Star. Call him at 693-1551, ext. 3233, or e-mail him at sgillespie@themeridianstar.com.
Major expenditures listed in the proposed 2002 fiscal year budget for Lauderdale County Schools include:
Instruction 57.9%
Operation and maintenance 8.1%
Debt service 6.3%
School administration 5.4%
Food services operations 5.3%
Transportation 4.9%
Student support services 4.7%
Instructional staff 3.0%
General administration 1.6%