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Local Youth Baseball &Softball Report

By Staff
From special reports
June 14, 2001
Here are some reports from local sum mer league baseball and softball programs.
Major League Tournament at Phil Hardin, on June 12:
Rush Hospital 7, Outback 4: Chase Naylor had two hits to lead Rush. Cobb and McArther had two hits and Caleb Dulaney had a home run for Outback. Brian Knox got the win, while Lopez was the loser. Rush next takes on Skate Odyssey.
Meyer &Rosenbaum 10, Grinners 7: Jon McCormick led Meyer &Rosenbaum with two hits. C. J. and Cedrick Blanks both homered for Grinners, and Byron Fancis added two hits. John McRae got the win, while Anthony Hobson took the loss. Next for Meyer &Rosenbaum is Temple Medical.
Tedder Door 11, Rush Medical 3: Spinks led Tedder with a home run, while Barnacastle and Ray had two singles for Rush. Holloman got the win, and Ray the Loss. Tedder will now take on Coke.
Union Planters 14, Pioneer 13: For Union Planter, Butler had two singles, Gwinn, a triple, Scoggins, a home run, and Mayerhoff, a double. Tayler led Pioneer with a single, double, and home run, and Attkins had three singles. Union Planter now faces McElroy.
Games of June 11th at Northeast Softball Park:
8 under:
Shutterbugs 19, Coke 15: Emily Poe had a single, double and triple, and Markissa Boutwell, Alex Smith, and Chelsea Byrd, all had three singles for Shutterbugs. For Coke, Tori Taylor and Mallory Reynolds had a single and triple, Jessica Drake had three singles, and Karli Swearington, a single and double.
Ivan Cobb 25, Southern Sportsman 10: Alexa Coington had two singles and a triple, and Charly Powell, three singles, for Southern.
Ed Chaney 21, Waste Management 17: Caroline Comptom led Ed Chaney, with two singles and a home run. For Waste, Kelly Offenbender had a single and double.
10 under:
Medicap 15, Dees 5: Kaley Hull had four singles, and Megan Myrick had a single and home run, to lead Medicap. J. B. Feuts led Dees with a double and home run.
Foot Clinic13, Waste Management 3: Robinson led Foot Clinic with a home run.
Kemp Electric 14, Jellenc Construction 13: Erika Watson tripled and homered, Breanna Hampton, homered, Taylor Shock, tripled twice, and Shelby Carney, three singles and a double, to lead Kemp. For Jellenc, Megan Holly had a single, two doubles, and a home run, Melody Smoot, a single and triple, and Keri Graham, three singles.
14 under: Custom Optical 13, Insurance Solutions 3: Cheryl Lequire had a double and home run, Jennifer Bristow, a single and home run, and Tiffany Hickman, a triple,for Custom Opital. For Inxurance, Anna Allred, doubled and homered, and Savannah Hall doubled.
18 under: Structural Steel 4, Miller Tire 3: Ashley Brown, Celia Jackson, and Summer Richie, all doubled for Structural, with Brown adding a single. For Miller, Erin Murphy singled and doubled, and Blair Rawson, doubled and had two singles.
Games of June 12:
8 under:
Waste Management 17, Southern Sportsman 16: Valerie Smith had two singles and a home run, Merrick Watkins, a single and home run, Baleigh Germany two singles and a triple, and Neece Ball, a single and triple, for Waste. For Southern, Charly Boswell had two doubles and a triple, Katie Roberts and Amanda Baker, two singles and a double, and Sarah Jordan, a single and double.
Shutterbugs 27, Morgan Tile 13: Marissa Boutwell had three singles and a home run, Chelsea Byrd three singles and two doubles, and Kennedy Castleberry, Kennedy Lenoir, and Alex Smith, all had three singles and a double, for Shutterbugs. Callie Roper had three singles, and Taneshia Clemons, a single and double for Morgan.
10 under:
Mo's Magic13, Jellenc 10: Britany Gressett got a single and double, Sharyle Sims, a single and home run, and Bonnie Tartt a single and double, for Mo's. Megan Holly had two singles and a home run, Melody Smoot, two doubles, and Keri Graham a double, for Jellenc.
Foot Clinic 22, Waste Management 4: Shea Smith single and homered, and Kavondra McCauley, singled and doubled, for Foot Clinic. Brianca Hudnall had a home run, Kayla Boutwell doubled, and Sara dungan had two singles, for Waste Management.
12 under:
Captain D's 16, Medical store 10: Leading Captain D's were Kala Brown, with two singles and a home run, Hannah Knight, with two singles and a triple, and Josie Mathews, a single and triple. Ashley Clark had a single, triple, and home run, and Morgan Gulett two singles and a home run, for Medical Store.
Calla Grill 23, Judge Little 9: Vennie Scrimner got a single, two double, and a triple, and Ebonee Ball, a single, two doubles, and a home run, to lead Calla. For Judge Little, Vasmine Harris had a single and a home run, and Sara Gisble added two doubles.
14 under:
Medicap 21, Insurance Solutions 3: Kara Hull led Medicap, with a single double, and triple, while Courtney Trotter had two singles and a home run, and Jessica Moore, a double. Anna Allred singled and tripled, for Insurance.
Southeast Chain 16, ANG 13: Lea Cook and Grace Ann Watkins, each singled, doubled, and tripled, and shannon Creel, singled and homered, for Southeast. Holly Thrash got three singles, and Amber Jenkins, two doubles, for ANG.
18 8nder: Structural Steel 17, Timber Resoures 1: Ashley Brown had a single, double, and triple, for Structural, and Celia Covington, Shalonda Mitchell, Jodi Daniel, and Stephanie Nelson, all added a single and triple.