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Vote Tuesday: The choice is yours

By Staff
June 3, 2001
If elections help define a community, voters in the city of Meridian have a classic opportunity Tuesday to make a statement.
In the race for mayor, will they vote to reelect a two-term incumbent, a perennial challenger, a vocal critic of the status quo or a face new to politics? In council elections, will long-term incumbents win again, or will other faces take their seats for the next four years?
For the past three Sundays, The Meridian Star has posed questions to the four candidates for mayor and their answers front page coverage. While we believe this series and continuing election coverage have contributed to the public debate over major issues confronting the city, these are surely not the only questions to which voters need answers as they make up their minds over the next 48 hours.
A review of the answers given by Republican incumbent John Robert Smith, Democratic nominee William Hugh Johnson, and Independents Bill McBride and Charlie Haynes may contain some clues as to what kind of city government each would administer.
Today, the candidates respond to questions on the new industrial park, schools and a city budget shortfall.
Elections are basic to our representative democracy. Voting does make a difference. Polls open Tuesday at 7 a.m. and, shortly after polls close at 7 p.m., the results will be known.
The Star encourages its readers to take the time to vote on Tuesday.