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May 17, 2001

By Staff
Former resident has no trouble defending state
To the Editor:
On May 13, The Meridian Star printed a letter from a former Mississippi resident stating it was harder to defend Mississippi due to the recent state flag vote and the state congressional delegation's stand on offshore drilling.
As a former resident, I have no trouble defending my native state on either item. I am proud that the majority of the voters chose to vote their own conscience and not knuckle under to "political correctness."
Apparently over half the citizens of the state are not offended, or at least not offended enough by the flag to show up at the polls to vote. The people of Mississippi spoke at the election box. Now the other side should get over it and move on to more important problems like education, job training and teen/out of wed lock pregnancies.
As to the offshore drilling position of the Mississippi delegation, allowing drilling off Florida's coast only brings them up to the same level as other states that currently have off shore drilling. I work with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, which is similar to the Florida state agency for which the earlier writer works.
I personally do not like the close in drilling in Alabama state waters, but do not consider Florida any better than Alabama or Mississippi.
Michael E. McCary
Montgomery, Ala.
Hundall supporter says thanks'
To the Editor:
Recently, I supported Wally Hudnall for mayor. In doing so, I spent about $350 of my own money. I also went out and got fourteen individuals to help Mr. Hudnall in his bid.
On the day of the election, all fourteen of us went to work in various locations with assigned duties. In addition, we used our automobiles and purchased our own gas and food. Our day began at 6 a.m. and did not end until about 7:30 p.m.
We worked hard and made certain sacrifices to help Mr. Hudnall. I am told that Mr. Hudnall is an honest and fair man. I believe that to be true. Yet, Mr. Hudnall has not said thank you to me, or to any of the individuals (I know) that supported him in his bid for mayor.
Therefore, I want to say to all of you, thank you, thank you for all of the hard work. In "hindsight," when I am "gone," I hope I am judged by my actions and what is in my heart, and not by what someone says … that is the only fair thing to do to any one. Again, thanks to all of you!
Ed Holt
Parent Action Committee
Driver grateful for police escort'
To the Editor:
On Wednesday, May 9, I was sent to Jackson to pick up a wrecked truck and trailer belonging to F.A. Hulett &Son of Meridian. As I was leaving Jackson to return to Meridian with the wrecked truck, a Meridian police car came by me. As the police car came in front of the truck in which I was driving I blew the horn. The driver of the police car realized that I was having a problem with the truck, slowed down and let me come around her, and then stayed behind me, escorting me all the way to Meridian.
As the back of the trailer was tracking about two and one-half feet to the right, myself and my wife are very thankful for what this officer did.
After parking the truck, my wife and I went to the Meridian Police Department. We were told this officer's name was Anna Moreno, who was attending the Police Academy in Jackson.
This is just a word of thanks to you, Officer Moreno, for a job well done. It was a job that you did not have to do.
Seems to me a lot of other people should realize the work that the police do every day. If some officers were to show as much goodwill toward the general public as Officer Moreno did for myself and my wife, the Meridian Police Department would be more respected by the residents of Meridian.
Walter and Bobbie Duncan