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11-year-old saves family from fire

By Staff
A KISS FROM HER HERO Nikki Taylor, 8, gets a kiss from her big brother, 11-year-old Derrious Taylor, who pulled his little sister from their burning home. Photo by Marianne Todd/The Meridian Star
By Marianne Todd/The Meridian Star
May 19, 2001
Some people might call Derrious Taylor a hero, but the 11-year-old would disagree.
Thanks to his quick wits, Taylor's mother, Kimberly, and his 8-year-old sister, Nikki, are alive after the family's home caught fire earlier this week.
Taylor discovered his 319 54th Ave. home was on fire. It was 2 a.m.
Smoke was coming from Nikki's room, a room adjacent to where the fire originated in a hot water heater at the rear of the house.
Cooke Freeman, Taylor's grandmother, said her daughter-in-law was in a daze as she exited the home.
Once outside, the family stood together as flames engulfed the house.
Meridian Fire Chief Bunky Partridge said the family is especially fortunate since the carbon monoxide emitted from smoke causes drowsiness, and the family did not have a smoke detector in the recently rented house.
Freeman agrees.
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