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Daughter of victim upset with police

By By Marianne Todd/The Meridian Star
May 16, 2001
The daughter of a Meridian woman attacked with an ax on Mother's Day said Meridian police officials' incomplete disclosure of the facts has diminished the seriousness of the crime committed against her mother.
Finley said police failed to report the man they are seeking in connection with the aggravated assault, 40-year-old Gregory Sykes, took Finley's 9-year-old son from Porter's 1913 12th Ave. home and dropped him off on a Chicago street corner a day after the attack.
The child, who is being looked after by family members in Chicago, allegedly witnessed the attack, Finley said.
Meridian police Lt. Wade Johnson first reported Porter had been "cut" with a sharp object and underwent surgery for her injuries. Johnson later said he could provide no further information about the case, although he now says he knew the child had been taken to Chicago.
Sgt. Joe Hoadley confirmed on Monday Porter had been attacked with a hatchet. On Tuesday, Hoadley said investigators are not sure if the weapon was a hatchet or an ax since no weapon was recovered.
Finley said her mother was married to Sykes about three years ago. Porter received custody of the child, a grandson, two years ago. Finley said the violence occurred when Porter asked for a divorce.
Finley said she wants police to pursue kidnapping charges, but Hoadley said it is a civil matter and police are unsure if the charges would apply.
Because Sykes has fled to a Chicago police jurisdiction, Hoadley said, police there must locate and apprehend him.
Finley said her mother is expected to be moved from the Intensive Care Unit within a few days.
Marianne Todd is a staff writer for the Meridian Star. Call her at 693-1551, ext. 3236, or e-mail her at mtodd@themeridianstar.com.