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Rainy days in store for public schools

By Staff
April 29, 2001
The rainy budget days feared by local school officials are here, just in time for spring. Both city and county school budgets face cuts caused by the downturn in the state's economy. Too few dollars are chasing too many needs and while state officials can boast that K-12 actually saw an overall funding increase, it doesn't seem to be the case here.
Up to nine Lauderdale County teaching jobs will not be filled next year as cuts take effect.
All current positions and salaries are frozen.
Lauderdale County schools' utility bills are $50,000 over-budget already this year.
The county school district will have to cut $216,943 from the budget for the new school year.
Overtime complaints from a select group of hourly-wage employees cost an unexpected $184,000.
The Meridian Public School District will have to cut $206,298.
At least one high profile Meridian school district position director of public relations has been eliminated.
The state will not supply any money to city schools for textbooks in the upcoming school year.
Educators must be thanking their lucky stars their systems don't have to absorb more cuts. Is this what Gov. Ronnie Musgrove means he says education is a priority?