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May means it's time to start thinking about summer bowling leagues

By By M.A. Copeland/Special to the Star
May 8, 2001
The coming of May means winter leagues are finishing and summer leagues are getting closer. The roll-off in some leagues will be next week and all will be finished in two weeks. The summer leagues will be starting the week of May 28th. So good luck to all in roll-off, and get your team signed up for the summer. For more information call 483-2283.
The men's city tournament came to a close last Sunday and was a good tournament. Entry was about the same as we usually have. We have posed the winners along with the league standings. I thank the guys for running a good tournament.
The big news is the SASBA Bowling Championship Tournament will be making a stop at Dixie Bowl Lanes June 23rd and 24th with two-game sweepers on Friday afternoon starting at noon, 1:30 p.m., 3 p.m., and 4:30 p.m. Those are qualifying squads with the final at 6 p.m. The leader in the noon-1:30 squad will get seeded to final. The cost is $40. The tournament on Saturday and Sunday will be $150. Anyone 50 years of age and older can enter. I invite all you fellows to come and support this. If it works we may have it back.
As we go to the high scores of the week we find Leon Fike led the way with a nice 299 game thanks to a ten-pin that wouldn't go down. He also had a 778 series. Leon also added a 280/739. Shayne Barfield rolled a 706 and 716. Timmy Van Doren had a 737. Barry Woods had a 712 and Karen Turner shot her first 600 series with a 622. Good bowling Karen.
Now to the league high scores. In Queen City, Chuck Gray and Ken Miller had a 268 game and Tim Van Doren had a 737. In Dixie Belles, Lou Timms had a 223 and Christine McNeil had a 564. In Ball &Chain, Leon Fike had a 279/778 and Shirley Gaines had a 236/619. In Seniors, Harry Hurt rolled a 225 and Larry Hattell had a 628. For the ladies, Jean Mason had a 212 and Lou Timms had a 554. In Monday Nighters, James Dillard had a 246 and Robert Brown had a 612. Janie Tisdale led the ladies with a 217/59.
In Hucklebuck, Leon Fike had a 280/739. In Tuesday Mix, Scott White and Don Sabella had a 245 and White also had a 672. For the ladies, Barbara Skelton had a 220/538. In Bowlerettes, Doris Smith had a 232/593. In Wednesday Mix, M.A. Copeland had a 268 and Shayne Barfield rolled a 716. For the ladies, Janie Tisdale had a 227 and Karen Turner had a 622.
As I close, I would like to say a big thanks to all of you for bowling the fall and winter season with us. And if you don't bowl this summer we wish you a great summer.