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Miller bowls 300, leads city tournament

By By M.A. Copeland/Special to the Star
May 1, 2001
Hi bowling fans. We've made it through another week and the men's city tournament got off to a good start with some good scores.
Kenneth Miller took high game honors with a 300 game and a 758 series to lead in the singles followed by M.A. Copeland with a 753.
In doubles, the father-son team of C.O. Gray and Chuck Gray lead with a 1396 followed by Bill Fike and Chuck Gray with a 1373. The team event leader is Gray's Hosiery Mill with a 3516. The team is made up of C.O. Gray, Chuck Gray, Bill Fike, Mike Cothern and Tim Van Doren.
In all event handicap, Bill Fike leads with a 2129 followed by Mike Holden's 2102. The scratch all event is led by Bill Fike with a 2129 and M.A. Copeland with a 2084. Those are the top two leaders in each event after the first week with another big weekend to go.
Now to the high scores of the week.
Robert Brown rolled a 300 game in the Monday Nighters while Chuck Gray bowled a 750 series. Others bowling 700's this week are: Rodney Bounds (742), Johnnie Blackmon(715, 739), Randell Palmer(705), Mike Munn(731), Barry Woods(717, 737), M.A. Copeland(730), Marty McMullen(713), Jim Broderick Jr.(703), Stan Bottorff(708), Robert Brown (730), and Shayne Barfield(702).
As we go to the league high scores, we find that in Queen City James Bloomer rolled a 289 and Chuck Gray had a 750. In Dixie Belles, Shirley Gaines led with a 246/627. In Ball &Chain, Robbie Relinski had a 287 and Johnnie Blackmon rolled a 715.
For the ladies, Janie Tisdale had a 224/623. In Seniors, Randell Palmer rolled a 255/705 while Lou Timms had a 189/548. In Monday Nighters, Robert Brown led with a 300/730. For the ladies, June Thomas had a 212 and Janie Tisdale had a 538.
In Hucklebuck, Mike Munn rolled a 287 and Johnnie Blackmon had a 739. In Tuesday Mix, Donald Sabella had a 255 and Shayne Barfield rolled a 702. Bettye Simmons led the ladies with a 224/601. In Bowlerettes, Nita Fike rolled a 229/578.
In Northwood, Polly Smith rolled a 176 and Louise Flood had a i516. In Wednesday Mix, Barry Woods led with a 279/737 while Candice Blackmon had a 243 and Willie Mae Aikens had a 609 for the ladies. Blackmon's 243 was 100 pins over her average.
As you can see, the scores are great so make plans to join a summer league starting the week of May 28. For more information call 483-2283. We can also help you learn to be a good bowler.
Well, by the time you read this report I will have gone to Reno to bowl in the ABC tournament and returned. Hope I can have some of these good scores out there. For you family bowlers, join an adult-junior league for the summer. It's a good way to spend some great time together.
As we close, we wish everyone some great bowling whether it's in a league or just a bowling outing. Until next week, may your strikes be many and your splits be few.