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Local Youth Baseball &Softball Results

By Staff
May 2, 2001
Games of May 1st, at Crestwood saw Super Stop beat Sidnee's Play Pen 8-5, and Structural Steel blast Canty Paint 18-4, in Minor League action. Drake led Super Stop with two singles, and Crowell had two singles for Sidnee;s. Leading Structural were Conley, with three hits, one a double, Grace with a triple and homerun, and Robinson with two singles. Short had a triple for Cantey.
In Major League action,Clay Grocery won 9-2 over Cash Salvage. Leading Clay's were Donvan Walker with a triple and single, E. Collins, with two singles, and Jimmy Mason, with a triple. Jeremy Alexander had two singles for Cash.
Judges won 19-7 over Popeyes in Rookie League.
4/25th-Phil Hardin: Anderson Pharmacy edged Rush Hospital 7-6, Insurance Soulutions got by Fruge' Oil 13-10, Pioneer beat Meyer &Rosenbaum 18-3.
4/26-Phil Hardin: Union Planters beat Temple Medical 10-6, Rush Medical beat McElroy 7-5, and Skate Odyssey got by Tedder Door 6-4.
4/27-Phil Hardin: Rush Hospital edged Pine Ridge 2-1, and Fruge' Oil edged Riley Hospital 7-5.
Other games at Phil Hardin saw Coke win 6-2 over Grinners, Judge Little shutout Dr. Hodge 13-0, Comcast beat Insurance Solutions 11-6, Temple Medical beat Coke 12-6, McElroy beat Grinners 19-8, McElroy edge Temple Medical 3-2, Rush Hospital got by Outback Steakhouse 8-3, Dr. Hodge win over Powerade 13-10, Comcast beat Riley Hospital 19-5, and Judge Little won 11-5 over Powerade.
Games of April 30th: Coke beat Tedder Door 8-4, behind a homerun from Walton Mitts, and Chet Nickles and Corey Beckman's doubles. Lindsey Spinks had a double for Tedder.
Union Planters edged Rush Hospital 9-8, as Lance Price had a homerun and Josh Guinn had a double. Chase Naylor had a homerun for Rush Hospital.
Rush Medical edged Outback 11-10, as Jeremy Barncastle, went 3 for 3, with two doubles and a triple. Watkins had three hits for Outback.
Skate Odyssey got by Meyer &Rosenbaum 6-4, on a homerun by Boutwell, and doubles from Newell and Daugtery.
Grinners took a 10 run 16-6 victory over Pioneers, on two hits each from William Alexander, and C. J. Blanks. Alexander had a homerun. Anthony Taylor and Phillip Diveley, both had two hits for Pioneers, with Diveley getting a double.
Northeast Park Softball:April 30th.
10 &under: Sanders Gas 13, Foot Clinic 5-Sarah Beckman had a double and triple, Shelley Odom, a homerun, and Ellen Joyner and Mallory Pace, each had two singles, for Sanders. Mary Lawarence, Kristen Covington and Jessica Frazier, had two hits, for Foot Clinic, with Frazier getting a double.
Dees Auto 13, Waste Management 7-Dees was led by two singles each from Lauren Lang and Lindsey Nickles, Mara Francis, homerun, Lindsey Lang's homerun and single, and Tiffany Roulier's single and triple.
Southern Bottled Water 15, Jellenc Construction 1-Deseana Green had three singles, Brittany Grissett and Candace Smith, a double, and Stephane Felton, a single and double for Southern, Logan O lezak doubled for Waste.
12 &under: Southern Sportsman 7, Judge Little 6- Sportsman had a homerun from Kelly Sterling, and a double from Chassidy Roberts. Jasmine Harris had a homerun and single, Shadonna Lewis, a single and double, for Judge Little.
Perfection Cleaners 22, Medical Store 0-Nina Jones had a homerun and Emily Thompson, two doubles, to lead Perfection.
Captain D's 13, Calla Grill11-Megan Patton had a homerun and single, and Jessica Porter, a double and triple, to lead Captain D's, while Heather Ward had a triple and homerun, and Ebonee Ball had a double and triple for Calla Grill.
14 &under: Custom Optical 12, ANG 8-Jennifer Bristow led Custom with a double and triple. Lashana Cross had two singles and Lizzie Williams a homerun, for ANG.
Pearson Insurance 19, Timber Resources 7-For Pearson, Madison Gartman had a single, double, and homerun, Hallie Pearson, a single and homerun, and Sarah King, two singles.
Southeast Chain 16, Medicap #2 8-Heather Cannon, with three singles and a double, Shannon Creel, with two singles and a double, and Grace Ann Watkins, with a single and double, led Southeast Chain. Jimaria Garner tripled, Courtney Trotter doubled, and Emily Womack had two singles, for Medicap.
Compiled by Will Price