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Lauderdale County adopts new policies

By Staff
April 28, 2001
The Lauderdale County School Board recently adopted the following policy changes:
Dual diploma program: The standard diploma course requirements for ninth through 12th grade for each year include: 1) English course; 2) mathematics course; 3) science course; 4) social studies course; 5) electives. The advanced placement diploma (honors) will also require one course from each of the above courses, in an advanced level, and electives.
School Threat Assessment Response Protocol: 1) assume threat is serious; 2) immediately report threat to a parent, guardian, school staff administrator or law enforcement officer; 3) be available and cooperative in providing a statement of information; and 4) the information source (student) will remain anonymous to the greatest extent possible.
Sexual Harassment Policy: Violators of this policy, both employees and students, shall be subject to disciplinary action. Student-on-student harassment is a Level IV violation and will be disciplined accordingly.
Dress Code: The minimum length for dresses, skirts and walking/dress shorts (for both sexes) is 4 inches from the top of the knee. No hats, caps, hoods, sun visors, etc., are allowed on campus. Heads shall be uncovered in the building and on the buses. Any type of clothing that is, in the opinion of the principal, obscene or suggestive is not acceptable. Students violating the dress code will not be allowed to attend class until appropriately dressed.