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McAlpine steals spotlight with 299 game

By By M.A. Copeland/Speical to The Star
April 17, 2001
Hi bowling fans. As we move through another week, we find the Queen City bowlers not getting all of the attention as Tyrone McAlpine almost made a perfecto. A stubborn ten pin refused to fall though, so he had to settle for a 299. Still great shooting!
If you remember, last week Johnnie Blackmon had a 299 game as well as an 800 series. But I stand corrected as it was our second 800 series for the season. Shirley Gaines had the high series for the ladies with a 707. That followed a 748 series the past weekend in the city tournament. You've heard the saying a player is "in the zone?" Well she is in the zone. We will put the complete results of the ladies' city tournament with next week's column. The deaths of two good bowling friends, Mebra North of Clinton and Johnny Herrington, the president of Dixie Bowl series league, took my time this past week. While we're on the topic of the city tournament, the men's begins this coming weekend and ends the following weekend. So fellows, get your team and doubles partners together and let's have a good tournament. It's a great time to enjoy good fellowship and good competition. Your support is wanted and needed, so let's go guys.
Before we go to the high series we need to congratulate a couple of people. Dianne Gable on a 100 over average award with a 268 game and 646 series. Angela King's first 202 and 205 and Mike Thompson a 202. Good bowling folks.
High scores for the week are Johnnie Blackmon(299/800), James Bloomer(700,721), Robert Brown(759), Shayne Barfield(749), Mike Cothern(736, 739), Chuck Gray(758), Don King(724 his first), Barry Woods(765), Alan Hand(707), and Curtis Rutledge(719).
Now to league high scores. In Queen City, Johnnie Blackmon had a 299/800. In Dixie Belles, Dianne Gable had a 268/646. In Ball &Chain, Barry Woods and Don King had 279 games and Barry had a 765. For the ladies, Shirley Gaines rolled a 231/615. In Senior Citizens, Leo Wright had a 231/607 while Mary Copeland led the ladies with a 210/558. In Monday Nighters, Johnny Tinsley had a 256 and James Dillard had a 663. For the ladies, Cathy Jones had a 199/552.
In Hucklebuck, Mike Johnson and Johnnie Blackmon had 279 games and James Bloomer had a 721. In Tuesday Mixed, Paul McClendon had a 267 and Shayne Barfield rolled a 666. For the ladies, Sandra Joiner rolled 226/502. In Bowlerettes, Judy Harwell rolled a 209 and Martha Bates had a 539. In Northwood, Ruth Church rolled a 198/533. In Wednesday Mixed, Curtis Rutledge had a 268/719 and Janie Tisdale had a 242/642.
With all these high scores, you can't afford not to get in our summer leagues. Check with us at the counter or by phone at 483-2283, and you can enjoy the great sport of bowling. Until next week good bowling to all!