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No verdict yet in trial

By Staff
Trial Notes:
About 50 people attended the trial Thursday as attorneys for both sides presented their closing arguments.
There was a miscommunication about how much time Henry Palmer had to present closing arguments in behalf of Bubba Newell and Wayne Raley. U.S. District Judge Tom Lee offered to allow additional time, but Palmer declined.
The jury room is located on the second floor of the courthouse, nearest the intersection of Ninth Street and Constitution Avenue. It is small and has two windows.
David Van Colvin pleaded guilty in 1999 to an unknown number of counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, mail fraud and income tax evasion. Each of these crimes carries a potential five-year prison sentence. Not included in his plea agreement is money-laundering, which carries a potential 20-year sentence.
Attorney Frank Trapp asserted in his closing arguments that Comcast's insurance claim plays a role in the trial. "They are just looking for one or two scapegoats to ensure they get to keep the insurance money."
If convicted, Gianakos will forfeit $350,000. If convicted, Raley and Newell will forfeit $1,095,844.03.