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Blackmon bowls first 800 series

By By M.A. Copeland/Special to The Star
April 10, 2001
Hi bowling fans. Well as we close out another week, the bowlers showed me they could hit the new shot by rolling (13) 700 series.
As usual, the Thursday Queen City league wanted extra attention as we had our third 800 series of the season and almost a 300 game as Johnnie Blackmon put together games of 243, 299, and 258 for his first ever 800 series. Great bowling, Johnnie. There were also five 700 plus series shot.
The ladies completed the first weekend of their city tournament with Wilson Saw leading the teams with a 3044 followed by Barber and Sons with a 3013. The double leaders are Lainey Rogers and Wanda Weathers with a 1268 followed by Pat James and Samantha Embrey with a 1240. The single leader is Brenda Robinson with a 706 followed by Jane Gibson with a 683. The leaders of all events are Lainey Rogers with a 1905 and Lisa Willis with a 1896. So ladies bowling the last weekend, you know what you have to do.
The high scores of the week are Johnnie Blackmon's 280 game and a 763 series bowled by Jim Broderick Jr. For the ladies, Janie Tisdale had a 236 game and had a 632 series to lead. Janie also had the high game of the tournament so far with a nice 279 game.
We go on to the league high scores starting with Queen City with Tyrone McAlpine's 279/747. In Dixie Belles, Janie Tisdale rolled a 259/652. In Ball &Chain, Barry Woods had a 269/755 while Janie Tisdale lead the ladies with a 236/632. In Senior League, Leo Wright led the men with 216/583 and Lou Timms lead the ladies with a 189/535.
In Monday Nighters, James Dillard had a 246/623 and Nita Fike had a 204/594. In Hucklebuck, Jim Broderick Jr. had a 279/763. In MCC Intramural, Jeremy Moffett had a 168 while Jim Evans had a 461. For the ladies, Tuandelia Williams had a 130 and Rita McClure had a 331.
In Tuesday Mix, Scott White rolled a 267 and Mark Kilgore had a 672. Barbara Skelton had a 218 and Bettye Simmons had a 526. In Bowlerettes, Mae Robertson rolled a 234 and Beth Shannon had a 575. In the Northwood league, Bettye Compton led with a 187/477. In Wednesday Night Mix, Johnnie Blackmon had a 280/751 while Mary Copeland lead the ladies with a 213/604.
The 700 series bowlers are Tyrone McAlpine (747), Randy Rives (725), Chuck Gray (717), Barry Woods (755, 719), Robert Brown (717), M.A. Copeland (707), Jim BroderickJr. (763), Stan Bottorff (708, 700), Tim Van Doren (705), Johnnie Blackmon (751), Mike Cothern (736), and Andrew Harrison (723). Good bowling folks!
Men, don't forget to get your entry in for your city tournament for the last two weekends in April. We also have the family tournament. The youth fund raiser is May 12th.
The summer leagues are now signing up so get your team in or if you don't have a team sign up and we will get you a team. Until next week, may your strikes be many and your splits few.