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Being a good neighbor is more than just waving a hello'

By Staff
April 8, 2001
Most people like to feel that they "belong" or "fit in." We like to know that we have people to talk to and friends to do hang out with. People who live in the same area are called neighbors. Neighbors help us feel that we "belong" in our community.
Being a good neighbor is important. Recently my aunt, who lives alone, became very ill. She was very grateful to her neighbors for picking up her mail, visiting her and calling her to check on her. We all like to know that people are concerned for us.
Being a good neighborhood citizen is more that just meeting your neighbors. It means showing your neighbors that you care about them.
Young people can be good neighbors, too. Some ways to do this are:
Protect a neighbor's newspaper when it's about to rain.
Keep your pets and toys out of your neighbor's yard.
Run an errand for a neighbor.
Take the time to visit with a neighbor who lives alone.
Clean up around the outside of where you live to make your neighborhood look better.
Respect your neighbor's property and privacy. Play in your own yard
unless your neighbor has invited you to play in his or hers.
Your schoolmates and teachers are your school neighbors. You and your actions affect them just as much as neighbors living near you. What kind of a school neighbor or citizen are you?
Do you study your lessons regularly?
Do you take an active part in class?
Is your school desk free from any marks that you put there?
Do you show respect for your teacher and classmates by paying attention when they are talking?
Do you get to school on time?
Are you friendly toward your classmates?
Do you use good table manners in the school cafeteria?
Are you careful not to throw trash on the floor or playground at school?
Do you complete your lessons on time?
Do you take care of your schoolbooks?
Each item is important for good school citizenship. If you answered "no" to some questions, you have in idea of what you need to work on. If we all do our part our schools and communities will better places to learn and live.
Records have shown that students who are good school citizens usually turn out to be good all-around citizens when they leave school to take their place in an adult community life. So you can see why schools consider it is important to be a good school citizen.
4-H also gives young people the opportunity to learn to be good citizens. 4-H clubs participate in community service projects that help citizens of their community.
For more information on how you can be involved in 4-H or community service activities, call your county's office of the MSU Extension Service. The number in Lauderdale County is 482-9764.
Upcoming events:
The 4-H Cloverleaf Club for ages 5-7 will meet Monday at 4 p.m. at the Lauderdale County Extension Office. The program will be "Helping our Environment."
The 4-H Share-The-Fun Talent Show and Fashion Show will be Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the East Mississippi Electric Power Auditorium.
Beth Randall is a 4-H agent for the Mississippi State University-Extension Service, Lauderdale County.