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Chuck Gray rolls back-to-back 300's

By By M.A. Copeland/The Meridian Star
March 27, 2001
Hi bowling fans. We'll start today with Stan's eight-game sweeper held at Dixie Bowl on March 18.
We had more than thirty entrants from four states. And it was a great day for those watching too. Anthony William of Jackson rolling a perfect 300 to get things started and Chuck Gray, after a spare in the first frame, struck out for a 290.
What we didn't know was what was to follow.
Rodney Lott of Hattiesburg rolled a 300 game and then the Chuck Gray show started as he rolled two 300 games back-to-back. He also had a 245 to give him a 845 series.
Anthony William had an 801 series. I had never seen back-to-back 300 games before. Let me tell you folks, that is great bowling!
We want to thank the local bowlers who supported the tournament and continue to wonder why we get so few of our good bowlers to support the tournament here. Maybe someone has the answer, but I don't.
As we go to our high games, we start with another 300 by Gray in Queen City for high game of the week. Tim Van Doren had the high series with a 746. Others bowling 700 series were Jeff Gaines with a 730, Randy Rives a 740, Gray a 720, Bill Fike a 706, Rodney Bounds a 721, Mike Cothern a 707, and the old man of the bunch Bob Timms with a 729.
Now for the league high scores. In Dixie Belles, Cathy Jones had a 234 and Shirley Gaines had a 636. In Queen City, Gray bowled a 300 and Rives had a 740. In Ball &Chain, Jeff Gaines rolled a 261/730. For the ladies, Shirley Gaines had a a 224 and Janie Tisdale a 638.
In the Senior League, Larry Hattell led with a 241/622 while Sue Long's 197 and Jan Kasper's 513 led the ladies. In Monday Nighters, Joe Warren had a 246/562 and Nita Fike had a 265/656. In Hucklebuck, Bob Timms had a 278 and Van Doren had a 746.
In Tuesday Mixed, Shayne Barfield had a 237 and Joe Broderick Jr. had a 671. For the ladies, Sandra Joiner had a 174 and Barbara Skelton had a 453. In Bowlerettes, Nora Majure had a 224 while Pat James had a 600. In the Northwood league, Louise Flood had a 156 and Ruth Church had a 441.
In Wednesday Mixed, Curtis Rutledge had a 275 and Bounds rolled a 721. Mary Copeland rolled a 231/594 to lead the ladies. In the Youth Fun Time league, Jackie Gould had a 247/612. In the MCC league, Rick Beal rolled a 171/465 while Rita McClure led the ladies with a 183/472.
We need to get started on the family tournament as time is running out. If you have a youth bowler in your family, you need to check with Candace Blackmon, Leon Fike or either bowling center. Let's have a good turn out for this so we can have a good family tournament.
As we close today be sure to get signed up for our summer leagues. They will start on May 28 and run for 12 weeks. Join a league and have some great fun. It is a great way for husband and wife to enjoy some fun together. Until next week, good bowling to all!