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Pat Gray students bring home prizes

By Staff
Special to The Star
April 1, 2001
Students of the Pat Gray and Sharon Howard Academy of Dance and Gymnastics brought home grand champions and many first-place high score routines from the Stars of Tomorrow Competition of the Professional Dance Teachers Association of America. The regional competition was held at the Civic Center in Birmingham.
The local academy is directed by Pat Gray, with Sharon Howard as dance instructor and Richelle Gray as gymnastics coach.
Awards were as follows:
Senior Group
High Gold Award and first place High Score Senior Solo Natalie Goldman, lyrical-gymnastic routine to a medley of "The Sound of Music." She received a $50 dance scholarship.
High Gold Award and first place High Score Senior Duet Danielle Smith and Natalie Goldman, jazz-gymnastics routine to "Latin Mambo." They received a $75 dance scholarship.
High Gold Award and tie for first place High Score Senior Duet Natalie Goldman and Abby Long, lyrical-gymnastics routine to "It's All Coming Back to Me Now."
High Gold Award and third place to High Score Senior Group Casey Newell, Aleda Moore, Danielle Smith, Jennifer Johnson, Natalie Goldman and Jessica Thrash, routine to "If You Wanna Dance."
High Gold Award and third place to High Score Senior Solo Danielle Smith, jazz-gymnastics routine to "I Gotcha."
Gold Award Jessica Thrash, lyrical routine to "Forever."
Gold Award and Photogenic Award Aleda Moore, lyrical routine to "Colors of the Wind."
Junior Group
Regional Grand Champion Production Routine Holly Howard, Abby Long, Brittany Gressett, Kristen Smith, Jamie Matthews, Baleigh Germany, Arrielle Dale, Amber Wood, Paige Ip, Raven Roberts, Katie Lee, Amanda Santillano, Delaney Sheehan, Sydney Matthews, Jessica Matthews, Emily Roland, Constance Andreacchio, Kamille Horne, Baley McDonald, Danielle Smith, Natalie Goldman, Jessica Thrash and Casey Newell, "Annie."
High Gold Award and first place High Score Junior Solo Abby Long, lyrical gymnastic routine to "Papa, Can You Hear Me?" Received a $50 dance scholarship.
High Gold Award and second place High Score Junior Solo Jennifer Johnson, interpretive jazz routine to "Mystical Moods."
Miss Petite, Stars of Tomorrow Raven Roberts
Miss Pre-Teen, Stars of Tomorrow Jennifer Johnson
Gold Award in Solo Raven Roberts, lyrical gymnastic routine to "Hero;" Abby Long, classical ballet routine from "Carmen;" Victoria Neal, jazz routine to "Groovy Girl;" Amanda Santillano, jazz gymnastic routine to "Build Me Up, Buttercup;" Arrielle Dale, lyrical routine to "Somewhere Out There;" Holly Howard, jazz gymnastic routine to "In the Navy;" Kamille Horne, lyrical gymnastic routine to "Once Upon a December;" Kelly Nelson, lyrical gymnastic routine to "Faith;" Victoria Neal, lyrical routine to "Mom's Song;" Amber Wood, jazz routine to "In the Tiki Tiki Room;" Baleigh Germany, jazz routine to "Rockin' Robin;" Emily Roland, lyrical routine to "A Master Piece;" Kristen Smith, lyrical gymnastic routine to "A Wondrous Place."
High Silver Solo Baley McDonald, ballet routine to "Through Heaven's Eyes;" Frances Warner, lyrical routine to "From A Distance;" Ashley Eakes, jazz routine to "Forever In Love;" Katie Lee, character routine to "Puppet On a String;" Christen Peters, jazz routine to "Knock on Wood."
Gold Award in Groups "Don't Stop" Showcase Junior Troupe, jazz routine Abby Long, Brittany Gressett, Amanda Santillano, Kristen Smith, Kelly Nelson, Sierra Sikes. The group took second place in the All-Around High Score; "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat" Showcase La Petite Dance Troupe, character routine Katie Lee, Sarah Jordan, Jamie Matthews, Kelly Miller, Alisha Robertson, Delaney Sheehan, Ashley Swearingen, Airelle Peters and Christen Peters. The group took second place in the All-Around High Score in their age group; "Reflection," duet lyrical routine Jennifer and Joya Johnson. The duo placed second to High Score; "King of New York," duet character jazz gymnastic routine Kristen Smith and Amanda Santillano. The duo placed third to High Score; "Coke Medley," Showcase Junior and Petite Dance Troupes Constance Andreacchio, Janee' Clark, Arrielle Dale, Baleigh Germany, Brittany Gressett, Joya Johnson, Abby Long, Jessica Matthews, Baley McDonald, Kelly Nelson, Emily Roland, Amanda Santillano, Jena Shamp, Sierra Sikes and Kristen Smith. The troupes placed fourth to High Score.
High Silver Awards, Junior Groups
Pee Wee Showcase Dance Troupe Holly Howard, Raven Roberts, Amber Wood, Paige Ip, Sydney Matthews, Tori Taylor, Kamille Horne, Haylee Sikes and Shelby Gibson, jazz routine to "I Feel Good." the troupe placed second to High Score.
Duet Kelly Nelson and Sierra Sikes, lyrical routine to "A Voice in the Night." The duo placed fourth to High Score.
Senior Group Showcase Dance Troupe Frances Warner, Ginger Tobin, Ashley Eakes, Charity Bates, Jennifer Taylor, Jennifer Kueven and Niki Cofieldx, routine to "Do You Dream of Me?" Group placed fifth to High Score.
Petite Showcase Dance Troupe Baleigh Germany, Arrielle Dale, Emily Roland, Baley McDonald, Janee' Clark, Jena Shamp, Constance Andreacchio, Joya Johnson and Jessica Matthews, routine to "Sugar Pie, Honey." The troupe placed fifth to High Score.