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Area baseball, softball teams hoping for sunshine

By By Marty Stamper/The Meridian Star
April 1, 2001
With the the state playoffs for baseball and fast-pitch softball rapidly approaching, area coaches and players can only hope rain holds off this week as there are a lot of games to be played and not a lot of time left to get them in.
In Monday's abbreviated slate of games, Lamar School hosts Leake Academy, Newton County goes to Philadelphia, Central Academy hosts Immanuel, and Wayne Academy travels to Kemper Academy.
On Tuesday, Meridian goes to Northwest Rankin while Wayne County hosts Brandon in a pair of key Division 5-5A matchups.
In other action on Tuesday: Northeast Lauderdale hosts Laurel, Union hosts Edinburg, Newton County Academy is at Central Academy, Newton goes to Clarkdale, Enterprise visits Taylorsville, West Lauderdale hosts Choctaw Central in the completion of a rain-suspended contest in which the Knights lead 15-0 through three innings with the regularly-scheduled game to follow, Lake hosts Sebastopol, Quitman is at Mendenhall, Neshoba Central goes to Kosciusko, Philadelphia hosts St. Andrew's, Forest goes to Heidelberg, Leake Academy travels to Prentiss Christian, Lamar hosts Manchester, Noxubee County hosts Louisville, Noxapater is at Durant, Bay Springs hosts Northeast Jones, Kemper County hosts Velma Jackson, Scott Central hosts Puckett, and Nanih Waiya goes to Carthage to face Thomastown.
On Thursday, Central Academy travels to Winston Academy for a doubleheader and Newton County hosts Carthage.
On Friday, West Lauderdale hosts Kemper County and then goes to Meridian, Southeast Lauderdale hosts Choctaw Central, Quitman hosts Laurel, Lamar goes to Manchester for an Academy 3-AA doubleheader, Central Academy hosts Heidelberg Academy, Enterprise is at Newton, Lake hosts Pelahatchie, Philadelphia goes to West Lowndes, Northeast Lauderdale hosts Mendenhall, Forest hosts Raleigh, Noxapater hosts McAdams, Newton County Academy goes to Kemper Academy, Louisville hosts West Point, Neshoba Central hosts Noxubee County, Leake Academy hosts East Rankin, Edinburg hosts Thomastown, West Lauderdale hosts Kemper County, Nanih Waiya hosts Durant, Wayne County goes to Greene County, Bay Springs travels to Morton, Scott Central visits Pisgah, and Sebastopol travels to Vicksburg to take on St. Aloysius.
On Saturday, Quitman goes to Northeast Lauderdale, Newton County hosts Lake, Newton County Academy hosts Leake Academy, Clarkdale hosts Choctaw Central, Meridian plays at Columbus and Louisville, Neshoba Central plays Carthage and Sebastopol at Carthage, West Lauderdale hosts Greensboro, Ala., Wayne County goes to Laurel, Newton goes to Union, Forest visits Morton, Philadelphia hosts Scott Central, Bay Springs is at Raleigh, and Nanih Waiya hosts Ethel.
Fast-Pitch Softball
In today's games, Neshoba Central hosts Louisville, Enterprise is at Clarkdale, Newton County hosts Northeast Lauderdale, and Union goes to Choctaw Central.
On Tuesday, Newton County hosts Clarkdale for the lead in their division and Union goes to Philadelphia.
On Wednesday, Newton County goes to Noxapater.
On Thursday, Clarkdale hosts Choctaw Central, Neshoba Central hosts Kosciusko, Newton County visits Enterprise, Northeast Lauderdale goes to Louisville, and Union visits Nanih Waiya.
On Friday, Neshoba Central goes to Philadelphia.
On Saturday, Newton County hosts Union and Philadelphia hosts Choctaw Central.
Slow-Pitch Softball
In today's action, Lamar School goes to Leake Academy, Sylva-Bay Academy travels to Heidelberg Academy, and Kemper Academy hosts Wayne Academy.
On Tuesday, Heidelberg Academy goes to Presbyterian Christian in Hattiesburg and Newton County Academy goes to Central Academy.
On Wednesday, Newton County Academy goes to Kemper Academy.
On Friday, Kemper Academy visits Newton County Academy.
On Saturday, Leake Academy travels to Kemper Academy.
Marty Stamper is a sports writer for The Meridian Star. E-mail him at mstamper@themeridianstar.com.