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Pickering hammers another house

By Staff
March 21, 2001
When the name "Pickering" and the word "house" are used in the same sentence, it usually involves the U.S. House of Representatives and some legislative issue. After all, U.S. Rep. Chip Pickering, a conservative Republican, represents Mississippi's Third Congressional District.
Last week, equipped with gloves and a hammer he clearly knew how to use, the congressman helped raise the roof on the 34th house built by Habitat for Humanity in Lauderdale County.
For Pickering, members of the Meridian Kiwanis Club and other volunteers, the house they helped build at 41st Avenue and Ninth Street will become home to Beverly Burrage and her four daughters. The home will become part of a neighborhood and the neighborhood part of a larger community in which we all live.
The great thing about Habitat for Humanity is the hammer doesn't care whether the hands that hold it are liberal or conservative. Just drive the nail.