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Legend of Pocahontas'

By Staff
MAKING A SACRIFICE n Just as Capt. John Smith (Caleb Page) is about to be executed, Pocahontas (Carmen Ezell) protects him by shielding him with her body. According to Michael Miller, director of Newton Theatre Company's Youth Division, the stage production of Pocahontas' is somewhat different than the Disney version many young audiences have come to love. However, it is basically the same story line. The production is scheduled for March 30 and 31 at the Roxy Theatre in downtown Newton. In addition, four performances are scheduled for an estimated 800 students and teachers at the area's elementary schools.
Special to The Star
NEWTON The stage has been set at Newton Theatre Company for the Youth Division's presentation of the "Legend of Pocahontas."
The production will be presented March 30 and 31 at the Roxy Theatre in downtown Newton. This year marks the third anniversary of the division under the direction of Michael Miller. It also is the 10-year anniversary of the theater company.
Since auditions in early January, a cast of 35 children and youth ages 5 to 16 have rehearsed twice a week to hone their acting skills.
This year, four performances have been scheduled for an estimated 800 students and teachers.
According to Miller, the stage production of "Legend of Pocahontas" is somewhat different than the Disney version most young audiences have come to love. However, it basically has the same story line: Pocahontas has found friendship in the settlers of Jamestown, but her father, Chief Powhatan, forbids her to visit them again. He believes they have come to steal the Indian's land. The Jamestown people are sick and starving and decide to take Pocahontas as their hostage in exchange for medicine and food.
Carmen Ezell of Decatur plays the leading role of Pocahontas and Capt. John Smith is portrayed by Caleb Page of Newton.
Other cast members include: Erik Winham, Chief Powhatan; Ashley Henley, Aunt Morning Star; Casey Henslee, Brave Eagle; Kirby Thames, Spirit of the Mother Earth; Loring Hamrick, Thundercloud; Haley Chaney, Happy She Walks; Anna Alexander, Little Running Rabbit; and Nicole Bounds, Wordspinner.
Indian villagers are: McKayla Hand, Baleigh Hand, Catherine Brand, David Brand, Colby Ezell, Chelsey Ezell, Rachel Boulton, Cayla Engle and Kara Miller.
Settlers in Jamestown include: Aaron Scoggin, Thomas Rogers; Jessica Winham, Mercy Rogers; Ashley Nicholson, Charity Matthews; Michael Hamrick, Jeremy Finley; Polly Vaughn, Caroline Matthews; Natalie May, Margaret Wheeler; Lindsey Miller, Esther Finley; and Callie Cumberland, Barbara Matthews. Other settlers are: Jessie Sariego, Courtney Elliott, Colby Rigdon, William Alexander and Makenzie Rowzee.
Cast in the roles of forest creatures are Parker Bullock as the leopard; Kate Mason, bear; and Madeline Logan, wolf.
Tickets are $10, general public. For more information, contact Michael Miller at 635-2509.