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New computer courses possible next year

By By Kelly Quackenbush/The Meridian Star
March 20, 2001
The Meridian School Board is considering two new computer technology programs for next year's curriculum.
The board met Monday at West Hills Elementary School, and heard presentations about the programs from teachers Tim Boutwell and R. Wayne Eason.
E-Learn is the tentative title of a program designed to help close the "digital divide" for low-income families.
The program will set up centers in the school where students will be able to complete the course, earn certification and as a reward for their certification receive a donated computer. The program and the computers will be funded through BellSouth, Mississippi State University, Meridian Community College and several others to be announced.
Eason, vocation director of Ross Collins Vocational Center, presented a computer systems technology course to the board. The two-year program is a vocational version of the program at Meridian High School.
If the state Department of Education approves this program, funding will be provided by a retiring teacher's salary.
Eason and Boutwell presented the computer programs to the board to make them aware of their goals. The programs will need to be approved at a later date. The board members appeared to approve of the programs.
Kelly Quackenbush is a staff writer for The Meridian Star. E-mail her at kquackenbush@themeridianstar.com.