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Chuck Gray records perfect 300 game

By By M.A. Copeland/The Meridian Star
March 20, 2001
Hi bowling fans. The spring holidays are here and the balls have been rolling and the pins falling.
That's what was happening Thursday night in the Queen City as Chuck Gray rolled a perfect 300 game. I believe it was the fifteenth of the season. Great bowling Chuck.
It seems like someone on either the Dixie Belles or the Queen City should come up with a way for us to do a report on Thursday. Dewitt Griffin put together games of 247, 246 and 234 for his first ever 700 series, a nice 727. Not bad for someone 70 years old. Good bowling Dewitt. Shayne Barfield also rolled a nice 700 with a great series of 767.
In Queen City, Tim Van Doren and Mike Holden each had a 267. In Dixie Belles, Kelly Telfeyan had a 290/687. In Ball &Chain, Ron Coleman had a 277/746 while Janie Tisdale had a 244/642 for the ladies. In Senior Citizens, Raymond Crawford had a 242 and Randell Palmer had a 601 series. For the ladies, Mary Copeland had a 206/545.
In Monday Nighters, Robert Buford had a 233 and Robert Ross had a 583. Mary Perry had a 208 and Nita Fike had a 516 for the ladies. In Hucklebuck, Mike Munn had a 274 and Andrew Clayton had a 707. In Tuesday Mix, Scott White and Curtis Rutledge had a 245 and Curtis Rutledge also had the high series with a 643. Bettye Simmons led the ladies with a 182/526.
In Bowlerettes, Nonie Embrey had a 222 and Nita Fike rolled a 618. In the Northwood league, Polly Smith had a 177/474. In Wednesday Mix, Shayne Barfield had a 289/783 while Sheila Dearman had a 203 and Marlene Stokes had a 575 for the ladies.
As you can see, the scores are still good. We have already set a record for 300 games with fifteen, and we still have nine weeks left. I believe we are going to hit three hundred 700 series for the season. That will also be a record.
If you would like to be a part of these records then make plans to join a summer league which will last 12 weeks. You may come alone or with a whole team. You may sign at the counter or call 483-2283. The summer leagues will start the last week of May.
Just one more reminder to you men, the State Tournament entry closes March 21st. Enter by then and you can re-enter any time lanes are open during the tournament. Dixie Bowl will host the State Tournament next year.
On a sad note, Thursalene Barney's husband passed away last week. Thursalene, we have you in our prayers. We also wish Sarah Mozingo a successful operation.
I will close by inviting you and your family to visit Dixie for a great outing of bowling. We'll treat you so many ways you will have to like some of them. Until next week, enjoy the great game of bowling.