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NAS Meridian holds winging' ceremony

By Staff
Special to The Star
March 16, 2001
A naval aviator designation ceremony will be held today at 3:30 p.m. in the chapel at Naval Air Station Meridian.
The naval aviator designation ceremony is not required by regulations, but has emerged as an honored tradition of the U.S. Navy. It marks the culmination of nearly two years of specialized training, which has prepared these officers for the demands of aerial combat and carrier operations earning each the title naval aviator and the right to wear the coveted "Wings of Gold."
The guest speaker will be Rear Adm. John Boyington, chief of Naval Air Training.
Twenty U.S. Navy and Marine Corps pilots and one French navy pilot will receive their wings.
Wingees who carrier-qualified in the T-45C "Goshawk" include:
Lt. j.g. Edgar Baker Jr. of Raeford, N.C.
Lt. j.g. John Becker of Grand Rapids, Mich.
1st Lt. John Berger of Sonora, Calif.
Lt. j.g. Jonathan Channell of Loudon, Tenn.
1st Lt. Brian Kaczorowski of Lockport, Ill.
Lt. j.g. Jason Knapp of Alexandria, Va.
1st Lt. David Palm of Santa Cruz, Calif.
1st Lt. Duane Rivera of Antelope, Calif.
Lt. j.g. Peter Shoemaker of Traverse City, Mich.
Lt. j.g. Matthew Shubzda of Dallas
Lt. Matthew Smith of Troy, Mich.
Lt. j.g. Michael Sweeney of Arlington, Va.
Lt. j.g. Jean-Christophe Turret, French navy, of Reims, France
Lt. Weylin Windom of Colorado Springs, Colo.
Wingees who qualified in the T-2C "Buckeye" include:
Lt. j.g. Ryan Betton of Collinsville, Va.
Ensign David Fox of Pottstown, Pa.
Lt. j.g. Shawn Frazier of Tucson, Ariz.
Lt. j.g. Brian Maloney of St. Louis, Mo.
Lt. j.g. Joshua Martin of Davidson, N.C.
Ensign Michael McKelvey of Flushing, Mich.
Lt. j.g. Joseph Shipp of Swansboro, N.C.