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DeKalb getting a good deal?

By Staff
Feb. 25, 2001
The big TVA electric power generating plant in Kemper County may bring improvements to the town of DeKalb's water system. Capacity could increase through a $2 million project associated with the $180 million TVA plant.
These types of merchant power plants are huge consumers of water. In operating periods, the plant will require about 460 gallons of water per minute. DeKalb's system today can produce about 500 gallons per minute.
The improvements in DeKalb will produce a maximum flow rate of 1,000 gallons per minute. But with about half the increased flow going to the power plant, it remains to be seen just how much better DeKalb's system will be.
But the town does seem to be getting a good deal. With assorted grants and loans, the $2 million in improvements will cost the town of DeKalb about $80,000.