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Curriculum improvement goal for county schools

By By Kelly Quackenbush/The Meridian Star
March 9, 2001
School board members, the superintendent and principals met to discuss curriculum improvements for Lauderdale County Schools. Superintendent David Little said all principals should be accountable for quality teachers.
The board plans to continue to stress math and language skills with MathFirst and Success for All programs. School board officials said early intervention is the key element in student success.
Kindergarten students are being tested to pinpoint their weaknesses and strengths. The children receive a "prescription" in kindergarten for subjects they require special attention in, and the teachers work with the students to develop their weaknesses.
The school board is considering a motion to require students take certain academic courses from ninth through 12th grade. This motion is an effort to improve ACT and SAT scores for older students. School officials report some students elect to take "easier courses rather than tougher courses" to make a better grade.
This results in students having lower testing scores because they are taking more electives instead of learning significant information. The school board plans to further the motion at their next school board meeting.
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