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Nuebs' turns over command of VT-7

By Staff
VT-7 TIGERS n Cmdr. Brian S. Neunaber, left, shakes hands with Cmdr. Michael J. Sherlock at a change of command ceremony Friday at Naval Air Station Meridian. Photo by Ben Alexander/The Meridian Star.
By Ben Alexander/The Meridian Star
March 3, 2001
Cmdr. Brian S. Neunaber reluctantly relinquished command of Naval Air Station Meridian's Training Squadron 7 Friday, turning control over to Cmdr. Michael J. Sherlock.
Neunaber's colleagues spoke during the ceremony of how "Neubs" dreaded giving up his post, but is looking forward to the new challenges awaiting him at his new duty assignment aboard the USS Carl Vinson.
From the moment of his last speech as squadron commander, Neunaber let the packed audience at Hanger 1 know he was letting go with a heavy heart.
Neunaber took over command of the "Eagles" in October 1999. Under Neunaber's tutelage, the squadron trained more than 160 pilots and flew over 26,000 sorties, accumulating over 30,000 flight hours without a mishap. It was also while he was at the helm of the squadron that the "Eagles" made the transition from the TA-4J to the new T-45C "Goshawk."
During his speech Neunaber thanked his family, friends and the Meridian community for providing a good home for him and his family.
While Neunaber said what he will miss the most about NAS Meridian are the bonds of brotherhood he shared with young pilots.
In taking the reins of leadership from Neunaber, Sherlock said he is fortunate to be following in Neunaber's footsteps and that he felt privileged to have so many friends and family present.
Ben Alexander is a staff writer for The Meridian Star. E-mail him at balexander@themeridianstar.com.