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List of candidates in municipal elections:

By Staff
Editor's note: Here is a list of candidates in the upcoming municipal elections from selected counties in East Mississippi. Candidates are listed as: D – Democratic Party, R – Republican Party, I – Independent. The party primaries are set for May 1 with any runoffs slated for two weeks later. The General Election will be held June 5.
Clarke County
Mayor: Tommy Blackburn-D (incumbent), Fred H. Blackledge-I.
Ward 1: Joe Eddie Brooks-D (incumbent)
Ward 2: Carol Smith-D, Oscar "Jock" Young-D (incumbent).
Ward 3: Helen Ann Beeman-R (incumbent), Bill G. Clark-D, J.A. "Charlie" Livingston-I.
Ward 4: Joe Poytress-R (incumbent), Lavon Wade-D.
At large: Robert Donald-I, Anntwinet McCarty-D.
Mayor: Ardell Covington-R, A.D. Gilbert-D (incumbent), Lois Underwood-D.
Aldermen at large: Ruby Arrington-D, Ricky Carpenter-D, Maxie Combest-D, Roslyn Dew-R, James Johnson Jr.-R, Kathy Kemp-D, Jake Williams-R.
Mayor: Clyde Brown-D (incumbent), Everett Heidelberg-D, Matthew Skidmore-D.
At large aldermen: Oscar Blakley Jr.-D (incumbent), Rosco Jones-D (incumbent), Jeanie McDonald-D (incumbent), Charles McFarland-D (incumbent), Mary Alice Morgan-D, Bob Owens Jr.-D.
Mayor: Mike Gunn-R (incumbent), Larry Murray-R, Vernon Robinson-I.
At large aldermen: Hosea Burns-I, Jay Carruth-R, Gerald Covington-R, Lisa Melton Horne-R, Hazle Lee-R, Brenda Lord-R.
Mayor: Terry Fettinger-I (incumbent).
At large aldermen: Keith Bogan-I, Shirley Johnson-I, Alton Lightsey-I, Dot Lightsey-I, J.P. Richardson-I
Kemper County
Mayor: Homer Hall Jr.-I, and Joe VanDevender-I.
Ward 1 Alderman: Johnny Rush-I.
Ward 2 Alderman: James W. Craig-I, and Jack Harrison-I.
Ward 3 Alderman: Hershel P. Barefield-I.
Ward 4 Alderman: Clark Adams-I.; Richard Hall-I.
Ward 5 Alderman: Keith Barnes-I (incumbent), Jimmy White-I, and John M. Creekmore-I.
Mayor: Glenn Williams-I (incumbent), and Ed Nave-D
Ward 1 Alderman: Allen Wimberly-I (incumbent).
Ward 2 Alderman: Willie Dew-I (incumbent)-I.
Ward 3 Alderman: Jane Marie Williams-I (incumbent).
Ward 4 Alderman: Chris Collins-I.
Ward 5 Alderman: Kenneth Kingery-I.
Lauderdale County
Mayor: Malcolm Threatt-I (incumbent) and Mack L. Walters Jr.-I.
Aldermen (all run as independents at large): William R. Baldner, Ruth Threatt Bouder, George "Denny" Bryan (incumbent), Gayland Frazier, Elvis Hudson, Luther Jones (incumbent), Bobbie Sherrod and Joel F. Wagner III.
Mayor: John Robert Smith-R (incumbent), Bill McBride-I, Wally Hudnall-R, Charlie Haynes-I, and William Hugh Johnson.
Ward 1 City Councilman: George Thomas-R (incumbent).
Ward 2 City Councilman: Mary A.B. Perry-D (incumbent).
Ward 3 City Councilman: Barbara Henson-R (incumbent) and Lee Fryery-I.
Ward 4 City Councilman: Jesse E. Palmer Sr.-D (incumbent) and John Nelson Jr.-I.
Ward 5 City Councilman: Bobby R. Smith-R (incumbent) and Todd Vallot-I.
Neshoba County
Mayor: Rayburn Waddell-R (incumbent).
Ward 1: James T. Breelove-R, Harlan Majure-D.
Ward 2: Richard E. Smith-R, Roy White-D.
Ward 3: Ronnie Jenkins-D.
Ward 4: Bobbie Seales Jackson-D, Rev. Norman Nash-D.
At large: Janice Payne-R.
Newton County
Mayor: David Griffin-R (incumbent) and Hampton Gardner-R.
Ward 1 Alderman: Michael Miller-D, Billy Todd-I and Mikel Denson-R.
Ward 2 Alderman: Chris Spears-D (incumbent) and Mark Buntyn-D.
Ward 3 Alderman: Eleanor Russell-D (incumbent).
Mayor: Wayne Griffith-R (incumbent)
Ward 1 Alderman: Tommy Nichols-D (incumbent)
Ward 2 Alderman: Marcus Fielder-D (incumbent)
Ward 3 Alderman: John Brand-R (incumbent)
Ward 4 Alderman: Roy White-R (incumbent)
Ward 5 Alderman: Carolyn J. Burks-R
Mayor: Hamp Beatty-D (incumbent) and Andre Lang-D
Ward 1 Alderman: Michael Hillie-D (incumbent) and Sammie Jean Jones-D
Ward 2 Alderman: Murry Weems-D
Ward 3 Alderman: Charles Love-D (incumbent)
Ward 4 Alderman: David Carr-D (incumbent)
Ward 5 Alderman: Tom Brand-D (incumbent) and Terry McKinion-D
Mayor: Max Sessums-D (incumbent), Jack Nelson Jr.-D and Burma Pierce-D
Ward 1 Alderman: L.B. Adkins-D (incumbent) and Ricky Sistrunk-D
Ward 2 Alderman: John Graham-D (incumbent) and Rex Germany-D
Ward 3 Alderman: Mattie Boler-D (incumbent) and Kenny Slaughter-D
Ward 4 Alderman: Bobbye McElroy-D (incumbent), Kevin Carter-D.
Ward 5 Alderman: Wayne Welch-D (incumbent) and Herman R. Adkins-D
Wayne County
Mayor: Arthur Lee Nored-D, Alvin Pickens-D, Paul Waller Jr.-D, Ken Williams-R, Marshall B. Wood (incumbent).
Ward 1: Melissa Bowen (incumbent), Tracy Brown-D.
Ward 2: Joe Grimley-D, Leslie Steve Walker-D.
Ward 3: Arbuties Taylor, Tammie Wilson (incumbent).
Ward 4: Arthur Wayne Longmire-D, Johnny Gray (incumbent).
At large: Joe Taylor-D, Larry Charles Williamson-D, Mary Joyce Woodson-D (incumbent).