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World's finest wine glasses to be featured at March tasting

By Staff
Feb. 28, 2001
Several weeks ago, we wrote a column which maintained it wasn't just the wine in the bottle that provided the pleasure. The size and shape of the glass from which the wine was consumed was important in maximizing that pleasure.
We discussed the finest wine drinking glasses on the market today, including the generally accepted best glass of them all, those made by a company named Riedel. These glasses are crystal. They are made in Austria, larger than ordinary size and the shape of the bowl brings out the bouquet, enhances the color and offers the best flavor the wine is capable of giving.
That column brought out both the Doubting Thomases and the true believers. At the next tasting Rhone wines, and again at last week's tasting of Australian wines, at least one owner of Riedel glasses brought one or two for their own use and later shared the experience with others at their table. The first-time users simply couldn't believe the difference.
The article also was noted by the regional representative for Riedel who made me an offer that I couldn't possibly refuse. He offered to bring several hundred Riedel glasses to Meridian and conduct the tasting himself in order to demonstrate the difference between the ordinary glass and the Riedel glasses. We accepted and March 29 at Northwood is the date of that tasting.
Here is the plan. Each place setting will have five glasses. One will be the ordinary glass used every day by the country club. Next to it will be two Riedel glasses designed specifically for white wines, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. Next to them will be Riedel red wine glasses, specifically a burgundy styled glass and another made for cabernet sauvignon.
We will taste three wines, a chardonnay, a pinot noir and a cabernet. First the chardonnay will be poured in all five glasses so the tasters can see, and taste, for themselves the difference in flavor and enjoyment of the wine from different shaped glasses. The pinot noir will follow in the same manner. Finally, the king of wine, cabernet sauvignon will get a chance to show its differences in accordance with the glass into which it is poured.
But that is not all. The gentleman from Riedel will also bring champagne flutes and there will be a pre-tasting tasting, so to speak, of champagne out of what many consider to be the world's greatest glass for champagne.
There has never been a tasting such as this in Meridian before.
These glasses are available in our city now, even though somewhat unknown and certainly under appreciated. The red wine glasses sell for about $20 per stem, give or take. The white wine glasses are a bit less. Edna's package store on Poplar Springs Drive keeps them in stock, I know.
For those in attendance the tasting remains $20, the usual price. The glasses will be brought by the Riedel representative and they will leave with him. You will not receive a glass but you will receive the opportunity to taste three lovely wines and learn the wonderful way a proper glass produces the ultimate flavor. If you wish to purchase a glass or glasses at local Riedel outlets later that's up to you.
We are notifying wine lovers of this tasting a month in advance because the representative must know how many glasses to bring. Therefore, if you are interested in attending you must make a reservation by March 26 and make your payment in advance. There can be no refunds. Further, seating will be limited because there is a limit to how many glasses Riedel can bring from Jackson for this event. We announced the tasting last Thursday to those at the Australian wine tasting and received a large number of reservations on the spot.
You are urged to either send your check care of myself to Post Office Box 5223, Meridian MS 39302 or call 482-0930 for a guaranteed reservation. We will handle all reservations so please do not call Northwood.
Let me emphasize you do not have to be a member of the country club to attend. Everyone is welcome, up to the amount of space available. But let me remind you again, the number of places is limited and when it is sold out, as we anticipate it will be, reservations will be closed.
As we said, there has never been a tasting such as this in Meridian before, the opportunity to drink and compare wines from the finest glasses made. It is a very special event that will become a very special occasion for anyone who enjoys the pleasures of wine, presented at their very best.
Stan Torgerson, a longtime Meridian resident, has written a wine column for several years.