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Profile 2001: It's in there!' Readers' edition: 150 contributors, 350 speak-ups

By By Bobby Rushing/Special to The Star
Feb. 27, 2001
Are you one of those "have-time-for-only-short-stories" readers?
If so, then you have, presently in hand, a special publication full of education and entertainment, divided section by section to allow you to be able to peruse it, day to day, at your own speed and the news inside will never get stale.
Written by your neighbors and friends, here within these numerous pages you will find a lot of funny stuff, sobering teachings, "it could never happen to me" stories, "I didn't know that's," seriousness and light-hearted humor.
Inside are good things that have happened in our community, truths and fictions, articles of earnestness and stories to bring a smile or a grin.
Yes, The Meridian Star recently opened its print shop to its readership and "Profile 2001: By the People" is the result.
They gave us the open door, and I am one of many who walked through it.
You will see many unfamiliar bylines in today's special "Profile 2001" edition of The Meridian Star unfamiliar as writers, perhaps, but possibly familiar as neighbors or friends.
Inside are heart-touching acts of kindness, and children speaking out with child-like thoughts about God.
You will learn about a local person who has bowled four perfect 300 games. Meet a man who has talked to ghosts. Read a poem about eating a giant Snickers bar. You just may not know that Outdoors editor Otha Barham not only hunts and fishes he plays guitar in a "pickin' and grinnin'" musical group.
You may share a joy with some. You may cry with others. Don't look for writers' names like Ernest Hemingway, John Keats, Billy Graham, John Gresham, nor even a distant relative of William Shakespeare.
And, above all, please don't turn this first page, with plans to give this special edition a quick flip-and-glance page-fanning.
It deserves more from all of us. It is of and about us.
Come to think of it, this special publication is also like that popular advertisement of a famous spaghetti sauce: "It's In There!"
We hope you enjoy our efforts!
Bobby Rushing is a retiree who lives in Meridian and has been published before in The Meridian Star, as well as weekly publications in East Central Mississippi. He wrote several pieces for Profile 2001: By the People.