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Miles records first career 200 game

By By M.A. Copeland/Special to The Star
Feb. 27, 2001
Hi bowling fans. Well, we sure got some nice, much-needed rain the past week. We also got closer to the closing dates for the ladies state (March 7) and city (March 15) tournaments, so get to work, ladies.
The men's state is slipping up too, as March 21 is the closing date. The rule for men is that if you have entered any event by closing date you can enter the tournament any time lanes are open. It is always better to get your dates in early as both men and women are bowling at a 16 lanes house. The ladies compete in Pearl and the men in Clarksdale.
Now to move on to the high scores of the week. There were not as many high scores this week, but we did have some.
First of all, Denice Miles had her first 200 game with a 202. Mike Acord also bowled his first with a 288 game which was the high game of the week. Bowling in the Tuesday Mix, Mark Kilgore had his first 700 series as he finished with a total of 711. Good bowling folks.
Now for the league high scores, starting with the Queen City. Mike Acord had a 288 and Tim Van Doren a 784. In Dixie Belles, Diane Gable had a 231 and Janie Tisdale had a 612. In Ball &Chain, Billie Coleman had a 257 and Shirley Gaines rolled a 607 for the ladies. Johnnie Blackmon rolled a 259/719 for the men.
In Monday Senior league, Leo Wright had a 214 and Randell Palmer had a 615. For the women, Neoma Huffman rolled a 224 and Ramona Gehman had a 573. In Monday Nighters, June Thomas rolled a 245/566. For the men, Robert Brown had a 241 and James Dillard rolled a 683.
In Hucklebuck, Greg Goddard led with a 279 and Robert Trout had a 705. In Tuesday Mixed, Bobbie Ramsey had a 181/494 and Mark Kilgore had a 277/711.
In Bowlerettes, Beth Shannon rolled a 209 and Marlene Stokes rolled a 582. In Northwood, Ann Holladay had a 183 and Jane Kynerd had a 481. Janie Tisdale rolled a 234 and Pat James had a 581 in Wednesday Mixed, while Stan Bottorff led the men with a 279/690. In the Youth Fun Time league, Jamie Rogers had a 206 and Steven Carson a 487.
As next week is position round for most of the leagues, we will begin the last quarter of the leagues. If any of you have an idea for a league you would like to have, talk to us about it. We'll do our best to work with you to make it happen. We'll have the summer schedule out about the middle of March. Until next week, good bowling to all.