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Feb. 21, 2001

By Staff
On convicted,' Fillmore, proof-reading
To the Editor:
I would like to take issue with your article in the Feb. 11 edition of The Meridian Star with a portion of it, that is regarding the lady who was ending her subscription because of the astrology articles. I think you should realize there are a number of people who would agree with her that there is no place in the life of a Christian believer for astrology. I think it is also a mischievous belief in the same class with many other fallacies.
I term it "mischievous" because, like the old belief that anyone can be taught to swim by just throwing him in the water, the belief may be fatal. I think the lady's reaction might be a bit extreme. I do applaud your placing the article on the entertainment page.
By the way, she DID mean "convinced" when she wrote "convicted," but "convicted" is not wrong, it's just obsolete. When I was a boy in the 30s, I heard it used quite often in religious meetings as: "he was convicted of his sin" or "under conviction." "Convicted" in this sense does mean "convinced" against his wishes by the force of argument, usually religious".
Please lend me your ear for one other matter. I have long thought that the comic(?) "Mallard Fillmore" belongs on the editorial page along with the other political comments … the thing is political. Now, looking at the Feb. 12 entry, it does not belong on the editorial page, it belongs in the wastebasket!
Let us have done with this thing!
I do appreciate the Star. You could afford to hire a proofreader for the front-page and, in fact, throughout the paper. But, I realize you have a budget and deadlines with which to contend. However, since students are encouraged to learn from the paper, it might be well to remove some of the gregarious errors.
I do intend to keep my subscription.
Ed Shields
Still behind bars
To the Editor:
I would like to take the time to thank the residents of Lauderdale County and Sumter County. Former Demopolis Police Chief Clifton David Howell came up for parole on February 5. I am happy to say that thanks to the people who wrote the board of pardons and parole, Mr. Howell was denied parole until the year 2006.
So, for five more years, my child as well as yours is safe from another molester.
Again, thanks to everyone.
Bobbie Gary
Prosecute the litterbugs
To the Editor:
This letter is in response to the letter written by Debbie Robinson concerning trash in the medians and on the sides of Meridian streets and the surrounding highways.
I, too, am appalled at the litter; however, I would like for our city officials to approach this problem from a different standpoint.
True, the mess needs to be cleaned up. But the root of the problem must be dealt with in order to effectively solve the problem. Don't we now have laws that say those who are caught littering will be fined? Why not stop the perpetrators and fine them for breaking the law?
To make it more worth the time of our law officers, also check for seat belt violations, drivers licenses, current inspection stickers, liability insurance and proper tags. Then treat the litterers like other lawbreakers by listing their name, offense and fine in The Meridian Star.
Perhaps the fine or the shame of being caught and singled out in public will make people think before throwing trash out in and around Meridian. Still another idea would be to require the offenders to serve a number of hours in community service picking up trash.
Belinda Gwinn
Name confusion
To the Editor:
In The Meridian Star edition of Feb. 11, a list of court records for the previous week was reported, including an individual with the same name as mine.
I have noticed this person's name in police reports several times. I think his age was reported as 26 or 27.
My wife and I work for state agencies which routinely check police reports and court records. The way it is sometimes listed without the age or address, I am certain that some have taken this individual to be me.
I would appreciate your assistance and consideration in clearing up this matter. As noted, my name is Joseph Charles Scarbrough. I am 55 years old and reside at 3448 State Boulevard, Meridian.
Joseph C. Scarbrough
Editor's note: Thank you, Mr. Scarbrough, for calling this to our attention. We, too, regret the confusion sometimes caused by different people having the same name, and hope your letter helps clear up the matter.
Choose Life' car tags
To the Editor:
How revealing that the pro-abortion organization, "Pro-Choice Mississippi," wants to abort our choice to choose. Gail Chadwick's hysterical and hypocritical ranting about government taking sides in the abortion debate brings some questions to mind.
Does Ms. Chadwick protest the over $100 million taxpayers' dollars a year given to Planned Parenthood in America? What about Medicaid abortions?
Was Chadwick horrified in 1973 when the government trashed every state law defending babies and women from abortion profiteers? Talk about government interference.
Good for our Mississippi legislators to be willing to offer citizens the choice if they wish to buy a "Choose Life" tag.
Susan Seale