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Feb. 7, 2001

By Staff
A reader apologizes
To the Editor:
On Jan. 31, 2001, I made a call to Rocky Higginbotham, sports editor of The Meridian Star, to voice my opinion on the article he had written about the Lady Rams "ambushing" the Lady Generals.
In turn, he wrote a rebuttal to my call and frankly put me in my place. When I made the telephone call, I had no concept of the confusion, embarrassment and anger that would result.
Please accept my public apologies. First, to Mr. Higginbotham, the manner in which I expressed my view was improper, and I am truly regretful. You have given Newton County Academy a great deal of attention in the past, and for that I am very grateful.
To the board, staff, students and parents of Newton County Academy, I am genuinely sorry my action caused such negative publicity. I have great respect for the staff and I commend you for the great job you do. Newton County Academy is a wonderful school and my child would not go anywhere else.
To the Newton County Academy Lady Generals, I deeply regret any embarrassment I may have caused you. That was not my intent. I am so very proud of each one of you. You are a great team on and off the court. Be proud of yourselves.
Last, to the Kemper County Lady Rams, my deepest apology goes to you. Please accept my best wishes for your upcoming tournament.
Donna Pace
A great play  where were you?
To the Editor:
Our Meridian Community College Arts and Letters Series brought an outstanding program to Meridian and we did not even fill the small auditorium at MCC.
A young man named David Dallas helped to care for our John Stennis during the waning years of his life in Starkville. He has written and performed a one-man program about the life of John Stennis. It is about the best program I have had the pleasure of seeing in many years. The program made its debut at Mississippi State in Starkville and has had a run in New York City and Philadelphia.
But, my question to readers of The Star is this: Where where you when the performance came to Meridian?
Carolina B. Wilson
Appreciates honest mayor'
To the Editor:
Thank you, Mayor Smith, for your response to The Meridian Star's accusations of having a private meeting. I appreciate an honest mayor. Keep up the good work for Meridian.
Chesterine Boatner
Downgrading our "Honorable Mayor"
To the Editor
The letter listed from an "editor" in Sunday's newspaper (Feb. 4) referred to incidents downgrading our "Honorable Mayor." You didn't even have the courage to sign your name.
The mayor's letter was based on proven facts. His only comment on opinions is the last paragraph, which wasn't personal to any individual's actions.
Your first paragraph is insulting to the mayor and is not based on proven facts. The second paragraph also expresses your personal opinion on incidents referring to the mayor.
Now, at the third paragraph your criticism of the "haughtiness exhibited by his letter" refers to the mayor's letter above and it is only your opinion. I don't see it.
Your fourth opinion is that no public official champions the cause of open government and that The Meridian Star will step forward to "carry the banner." The Meridian Star hasn't contributed much to this action over the years. Please ask the TVs and radio stations to help bring their knowledge to help you.
Your last paragraph is insulting to the mayor with your personal criticism, based on your opinion and not on facts. I can assure you that your letter will not be popular.
Jack Schons
Star Web site offers connection
To the Editor:
I want you to know how much I appreciate reading my hometown paper even though I no longer live in Meridian. I have been able to keep up with what is going on, and feel a connection with the people there.
I just want to thank you and your staff for this Web site.
Bonnie Williams
Roanoke, IN
Reader enjoys Senior Life'
To the Editor:
I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Senior Life" this month. Like most, people I read without considering the work that goes into each article. Thank you for your work, research and most of all, actually considering older Americans.
Our interests are the same, but with a different "slant." We still enjoy the outdoors, we just walk instead of run. We laugh and play and enjoy life just as we always have.
We now have time to enjoy many things we never had time for in our younger days. Our grandchildren are important to us just as our own children are, but now have more time to spend with them.
We are a very diverse group of people with many interests. Some of us love to travel. Some volunteer at Love's Kitchen several days a week. Others volunteer at local hospitals. Some take care of aged parents.
Come to the Senior Citizens Center and look at the arts and crafts we do. Talk to the people there. One thing that brings us together is we enjoy life.
Thank you for helping tell stories from our perspective.
Elizabeth Wright