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Legislative unity, and a few other things

By Staff
Feb. 11, 2001
Lauderdale County's legislative delegation acted in unity last week regarding the proposed Southern Arts and Entertainment Center.
The state Senate passed legislation designating Meridian as the site of the center, and House action is expected in the next few weeks. While no money was earmarked, it was an important step.
One of these days, Meridian may actually house this center at Bonita Lakes. It would offer new opportunities to tout the incredible contributions of Mississippians to the entertainment industry.
The center may have a spot for quiet reflection on the nature of Mississippi. It may include an amphitheater where concert-goers can soak up the atmosphere from their favorite musical group. It may provide an educational experience for people from all over.
Whatever it can be, the Southern Arts and Entertainment Center would be here in Meridian under the bill passed by the Senate. Supporters are preparing to solicit financial support from private foundations and other non-profit sources. Some state backing may come later. Some federal money may be available.
But, beyond the official designation as specified in the bill, this project is the work product of a unified Lauderdale County delegation in the Mississippi Legislature. Democrats, Republicans and an Independent all came together for the cause of building something new, different and exciting in Meridian.
They all saw its value. They worked and continue to work together on getting it approved by the Legislature. Considering the fact that legislative winds can shift quickly, that is quite an achievement.
Area-wide interests were also considered. The delegation recognized quickly that Meridian's proposal for this center was far superior to any other city's. They ran the legislative traps to gain Senate approval on a non-controversial calendar.
They enlisted the valuable assistance call it leadership of Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck to get the bill through the Senate.
Hopefully, the House will act soon, Meridian will have its official designation as a site of the Southern Arts and Entertainment Center, and the real work can begin  finding the money to make it happen.
And, hopefully, in a few years, those of us who make this city our home will have yet another entertainment option, another reason to get out of the house and enjoy something of our own making.
This cooperation among our Lauderdale County legislators has produced a very positive result and I hope they make it a habit.
It's in the stars
Losing a subscriber is bad news for any newspaper. The Meridian Star lost one last week, and for the oddest reason I think I've ever heard.
The horoscope.
The letter writer asked that her name not be used.
While I cannot in good conscience agree with her reasoning, I won't argue with her decision. She really needs not disclose her reason for not renewing her subscription.
You live and learn in this business. Most daily newspaper editors and publishers evidently think a daily horoscope is a popular feature  almost every paper runs one.
This is the only incident in my association with newspapers where running a horoscope has resulted in a non-renewal.
And I'm okay with that.
Maybe you share this reader's view … or maybe you have fun with the daily horoscope, or some other feature in The Star.
Let me know. I'm okay with that, too.
Buddy Bynum is editor of The Meridian Star. E-mail him at bbynum@themeridianstar.com.