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Winners announced in Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby

By Staff
Special to The Star
Feb. 7, 2001
More than 200 Boy Scouts from 20 packs participated Saturday in the Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby at Northeast Elementary School. Here are the winners in several age groups:
Overall winners: first place, Chase Dooley of Meridian, Pack 20; second place, Jacob Garden of Meridian, Pack 9; third place, Ryan Clifford of Meridian, Pack 20.
Winners of the 6-year-old race: first place, Dillon Webb of Butler, Ala., Pack 44; Second place, Preston Martin of Meridian, Pack 40; third place, Zachary Skeleton of Toomsuba, Pack 70; and best design, Matthew Crabtree of Meridian, Pack 40.
Winners of the 7-year-old race: first place, Patrick Prize of Meridian, Pack 7; second place, Jace Weaver of Meridian, Pack 9; third place, Nick Prize of Meridian, Pack 7; and best design, Christopher Ammons of Union, Pack 29.
Winners of the 8-year-old race: first place, Garrett Dolan of NAS Meridian, Pack 105; second place, Michael Hodge of Meridian, Pack 7; third place, Grey Webb of Meridian, Pack 20; and best design, Garrett Dolan.
Winners of the 9-year-old race: first place, Jacob Garden of Meridian, Pack 9; second place, Justin Short of Meridian, Pack 77; third place, Wesley Crabtree of Meridian, Pack 40; and best design, Josh Well of Meridian, Pack 70.
Winners of the 10-11-year-old race: first place, Chase Dooley, Pack 20; second place, Ryan Clifford, Pack 20; third place, Kurt Shooter of Collinsville, Pack 16; and best design, Patrick Martin of Meridian, Pack 40.
The winner of the adult/boy scout race is Colton Dooley of Meridian, Pack 70.