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Scott Central Center pilots READ 180 program

By By Cheryl Ferguson/Special to The Star
Jan. 18, 2001
Scott Central Attendance Center is piloting a technology-based reading program from Scholastic called READ 180.
The program is designed to address the reading needs of middle elementary students who are often the "forgotten children" in reading initiatives. READ 180 is designed to turn around reading scores, and help students "do a 180" for reading success.
Students build background knowledge for reading through motivational videos delivered on CD-ROM in the areas of history and geography, people and cultures, and science and math. The videos build the background knowledge students often lack.
Reading high-interest material follows each video. Systematic instruction in word study, comprehension and vocabulary accompanies each lesson. Students also listen to narrated literature and read independently at their own level.
Fourth-grade teacher Shannon Harrison received special training for implementing READ 180 in her classroom and is piloting the program with one section of students.
The daily routine in READ 180 consists of a rotation of students through five teaching/learning experiences. The teacher begins and ends with whole-class activities comprised of shared-reading experiences and mini-lessons. Groups of students rotate through each core activity.
The small group activities will be in instructional reading with READ 180 software, modeled or independent reading with READ 180 audio books and paperbacks, and small group instruction with READ 180 teacher support.
This variety of approaches, as well as allowing students to move around in the classroom, addresses all learning styles in a manageable, teacher-friendly learning environment. This pilot program is being funded with Title I and Title VI funds.
Cheryl Ferguson is a Title I coordinator with the Scott County School System.