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Jan. 21, 2001

By Staff
A teen-ager's words of wisdom
To the Editor:
The letter to the editor written and submitted by Kristi Hill concerning teen-age driving showed responsibility and wisdom beyond her years. We commend her for her strength and devotion that allowed her to take a stand and speak out to others about the dangers of teen-age driving.
It is a tragedy for both friends and family when they are faced with the loss of a loved one. Tragedies seem to be that much more noticeable when the life lost is that of a child or young adult who is just beginning to find his/her own niche in life.
However, this letter is not to mourn the loss but to praise Kristi for brightening our family's day through this article.
Kristi, our family would like to thank you for the encouragement that you gave us through your article. It warmed our hearts to know that our loved one had made such an impact in another's life that, even though no longer with us, is still worthy of the love and respect enveloped in the word "friend." We miss her too.
We would also like to acknowledge the families that are experiencing a loss as we are. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Whenever we hear of the loss of a young life, we are reminded of our own loss.
And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)
The Family of Kathy Boswell
Ginny Boswell Johnson
The wrong ditch'
To the Editor:
Your editorial "The Wrong Ditch" in the Jan. 14 edition of The Meridian Star was right on the mark relative to the Lauderdale County board of supervisors' use of their county patrolmen. It displayed capabilities in reading, writing, arithmetic, logic and verbalization skills. Some of our local officials are void of more than one of these qualities.
Herb Stott
Put county patrol issue to a vote
To the Editor:
I want to make an appeal to all Lauderdale County voters. Please contact the county supervisor who represents you and ask him if he supports our rights as voters and taxpayers to have a voice in how our tax dollars are spent.
It seems that Friday, Jan. 12, 2001 Mr. Jimmy Smith, president of the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors, along with others on that board gave the voters of Lauderdale County a slap in the face.
Supervisor Craig Hitt made a suggestion in the board meeting that the future of the Lauderdale County Patrol be put before the voters and let us decide if we want to keep spending our tax dollars by
keeping the county patrolmen as they are now or not. Mr. Smith made it very clear that he is against letting the taxpayers vote on this issue.
He seems to also support letting these men run all over our county getting paid with our tax dollars while doing very little. Sorry, Mr. Smith, but I don't see any other way to describe this other than "waste and fraud."
I have heard the supervisors make the excuse that the county patrol directs traffic at our county schools. This year, there is a deputy sheriff on campus at our schools. I bet Sheriff Sollie would gladly direct traffic for that hour or so to get the extra manpower added to our sheriff's department.
If they gave these five men's budget and county patrol car to the sheriff's department that would be five more full time deputies in Lauderdale County protecting our family and keeping our county safe while not costing us one extra red cent.
Now as for the excuse that they ride our roads looking for pot holes, all I can say is give me a break. As a taxpayer I can see that they are nothing other than political friends, being paid back by milking our tax dollars.
We have and pay road department people to find and fix those pot holes, and we don't need five of these high-paid jobs in our county budget for that! As we are already going to have an up coming election in the near future on our state flag, it would cost very little to add this to the ballot.
If by letting the voters decide this issue there will be no extra cost to Lauderdale County, why are Mr. Smith and his fellow board members so afraid of letting us, the taxpayers, decide the patrol issue? Could it be that they are afraid that we're just not as stupid as they think, that we would make these protected patrol slots become deputy sheriff slots and get the most for our tax dollars?
Robert T. Burkes
Wake up, Marion
To the Editor:
I am continuously amazed at what I read and hear. Marion has long been troubled with poor leadership and the mayor and board tops it all. This is cartoonland with a nightmare.
Mayor Threatt, what is the problem with Meridian crossing Marion's boundaries with one small pipe? Who does it hurt? That higher sewage bill will hurt everyone in Marion.
When Marion incorporated some 28 years ago, it was to keep the quiet bedroom community that everyone cherished. Who wants a grocery, bank, McDonald's?
We did not want ordinances telling people what they can do with property they bought and paid for with hard working money. Look at what we have now. I am sure by next summer I'll have to get a permit to cut my grass.
Mayor Threatt, did you think that a 28-year-old town has the right ideas over a city that has been established for 140 years? Experience is a costly thing.
You boast of no tax. Well, we pay taxes to the county. You can not operate a town without revenue. You nickel and dime some of the people for everything that should be provided by the city.
If Marion was a real town, it would have a full-time fire department and a ready police force, and all the other services a well-run city provides.
Wake up, Marion  you better get to Meridian before you become a ghost town.
I don't know who the founding family was for Marion it looks like they moved, too. I say let the town of Marion be brought into Meridian so that this dream which is becoming a nightmare will end.
A.C. Gamble
Pristine,' but will it stay that way?
To the Editor:
In recent articles, the words "beautiful" and "pristine" have been used repeatedly to describe the Bonita Lakes site for the proposed new arts center.
Has anyone considered that those words apply only because there is no art center there? Bulldozers and asphalt will surely cancel that description.
Bonita is now a real jewel of public access woods and hills and trails enjoyed by hikers, bikers, joggers, horseback riders, fishermen, boaters and more. It is an attraction to our area in its unspoiled state.
Can't we just keep it "beautiful" and "pristine"?
Cherry Clark
A tribute to Dr. Reginald P. White
To the Editor:
Our city, county and the state of Mississippi lost an exemplary psychiatrist in the death of Dr. Reginald P. White. As a practicing psychiatrist he served the people of all walks of life in a dignified and professional manner.
The entire state benefited by his membership of the board of directors of the Mississippi Department of Mental Health, where he advocated progress in the treatment of the mentally ill.
He stood tall among his peers and was well-respected by those in the mental health field.
Dr. White was a supporter of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and was an honorary member of the board of directors of NAMI-Mississippi. He was indeed a friend of the mentally ill and their families.
Alice Lockley
Vice President,NAMI-Mississippi