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Storm victim remembers big force of wind, wall collapsing, then rescue

By Staff
VOLUNTEERS Paul Robinson, right, and Lenzzy McDade spent their Sunday cleaning up the damage left at Bolen's Food Store by Saturday's storm. Photo by Marianne Todd/The Meridian Star
By Marianne Todd/The Meridian Star
Dec. 18, 2000
DALEWOOD Charlotte Harper can only watch the cleanup of Saturday's storm from a recliner in her living room. The young woman is recuperating from injuries sustained after a cinder block and mortar wall fell on her while she worked at Bolen's Food Store.
Harper said she remembers a "big force of wind" coming into the store and "picking everything up" before she found herself underneath a brick wall.
Harper still isn't clear on who all was involved in her rescue.
A few miles away, Harper's father, Bryon Terranova, was hauling gas in his truck.
Terranova drove to his wife's work.
There, Harper was treated in the emergency room and released. On Sunday, she still had difficulty walking and was still hurting from the bruises to her shoulder and torso left by the brick wall.
The Terranovas say they are amazed their daughter is alive.
Harper credits her rescuers.
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