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Pippen brings winning attitude to West Alabama

By Staff
Dec. 15, 2000
Ever since Bobby Johns said he was leaving West Alabama, I've wondered who would take over the Tiger program.
I've watched UWA football with interest over the years, even when I didn't work at this paper.
I've seen some good and bad at UWA, mostly bad. But just like my New Orleans Saints, I couldn't help but pull for the Tigers.
On Tuesday, UWA named Middle Georgia's Randy Pippin as its next head coach.
It's hard to tell exactly how Pippin will do and I've been fooled before but the first impression was a good one.
Pippin brings a winning attitude and resum to West Alabama. He was a winner at Trinity Valley, capturing the 1994 NJCAA national championship. He had two 10-win seasons in three years at Middle Georgia.
Basically, Pippin has won everywhere he has been.
But there are plenty of winners who have found out how tough it is to win in Livingston, Ala. Just ask Lloyd Sisco.
Maybe UWA president Dr. Ed Roach put it best about Pippin.
That was the over riding theme for the day at Livingston. Randy Pippin was the right man at the right time.
After that, everyone I talked to seemed to be impressed with Pippin's character.
When Pippin addressed the media, fans and players Tuesday, he talked like a champion.
He talked about making championship decisions, believing like a champion and working like a champion.
Personally, I have every reason to be skeptical about any football coach at West Alabama.
But like Roach, something tells me Pippin may be the man.
Honestly, I hear him saying a lot of the same things that Jim Haslett said when he took over the Saints.
There are a lot of factors to winning but attitude and players are 90 percent of the equation.
And if Pippin will utilize the Mississippi junior college system like some others have failed to do, he can become a winner quickly. And having come from a junior college setting, you would think that would be the first place he started.
I'm just interested to see how it turns out.
Robbie Robertson is sports editor for The Meridian Star. E-mail him at rrobertson@meridianstar.com.