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New solution proposed in parking dispute

By By Ben Alexander/The Meridian Star
Dec. 5, 2000
On Monday council members postponed taking action in an ongoing parking dispute downtown.
Henson was referring to a disagreement between several downtown business owners about an alley located off of 22nd Avenue between Citizens National Bank's headquarters and Paine Webber.
Several months ago the city's Downtown Parking Committee recommended that the flow of traffic in the alley be changed to allow motorist to exit onto 22nd Avenue instead of Constitution Avenue so that pedestrians could be seen more clearly.
The committee also recommended three parking spaces be marked in the alley for public use. Bourdeaux and Jones law firm, whose building is located near the end of the alley on Constitution Avenue, wants the spaces added to provide more room for its customers. Citizens National Bank urged council members not to add the spaces and change the flow of traffic because it would inconvenience their drive-though customers.
After months of review, the Downtown Parking Committee amended its proposal and asked that two parking spaces be placed in the alley and no change in the flow of traffic be made for the time being.
Henson said the committee's latest proposal has been received better by the two businesses.
According to Henson, the council is considering whether or not to rewrite a city ordinance that would give Public Works Director Benny Wolfe the power to make decisions regarding parking in alleys. If the ordinance is rewritten Wolfe would then make the decision regarding the disputed alley. Currently Wolfe only has the ability to make decisions regarding parking on city streets.
Ben Alexander is a staff writer for The Meridian Star. E-mail him at balexander@meridianstar.com.