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Sweets &treats for the holidays

By Staff
MAKING FINAL TOUCHES n Renee Weiler, a member of the Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers Council, wraps a food item to be featured in the Bake Shop during the Trees of Christmas Tour at Merrehope. Photo by Paula Merritt/The Meridian Star
By Ida Brown/The Meridian Star
Nov. 29, 2000
Much of the sweet smells and eye-appealing gifts at Merrehope during the week of the annual Trees of Christmas Tour may be attributed to members of the Lauderdale County, Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers.
During the tour, the group will provide baked goods for the Bake Shop, as well as handmade items for the Crafts and Gifts shops.
Last year, the group raised more than $1,000 through their efforts.
The homemakers not only provide baked goods and crafts, but also mann the shops during the tour week. Additional items are provided by the Meridian Restorations Foundation, organizers of the event.
Many of the recipes for this year's baked goods will be from the first cookbook compiled by the foundation in 1979.
Adding to the nostalgia is the settings for the shops.
The Gift Shop will feature items to accommodate any holiday shopping budget particularly children.
The Crafts Shop will featured handcrafted items such as satin tree skirts with matching stockings, animal print decorator pillows, glass sets with touches of aqua and cobalt blue crystals," she said. "These items were made by the seven Mississippi Homemakers Volunteers Clubs that make up the Lauderdale County MHV Council as well as hey seven literary clubs that make up the Meridian Restorations Foundation."