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Fairness before partisanship

By Staff
The legal maneuvers and counter-maneuvers of political partisans, Democrat and Republican, do not reflect the average voters' desire for a fair and accurate count of ballots.
The media feeding frenzy surrounding the counting and recounting process does little to build voter confidence in the process nor in the candidates and their representatives
However, a majority of Americans recognize the importance of maintaining and building trust in our government and our leaders. Whichever candidate is ultimately administered the oath of office needs the confidence of the American people. Our divided nation needs to join in support of the winner.
Let us honor our American system of elections. Each and every citizen counts. Every vote should be correctly counted. Then every voter should stand behind the top electoral vote getter.
When will we know the results? How about as long as it takes to get every vote counted to the satisfaction of all applicable legal requirements? Transition planning is important but public trust of the process of election is more important.
Clearly the election process in many places needs improvement. But in the meanwhile we Americans, specifically including partisans and journalists, need to be patient and supportive of those who are trying to "get it right."