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Palmer wins District 1 run-off election

The administration of the city of Russellville is set for the next four years.

Franklin County engineer David Palmer defeated incumbent Jeff Masterson 303 votes to 191 in the city council district 1 run-off race Tuesday.

The two outpolled District 1 candidate Terry Bolton in August to advance to the run-off.

“I am humbled and blessed to have been elected to serve the people of Russellville,” said Palmer, who lost the District 1 race to Masterson four years ago.

“I am excited and happy, but most of all, I am just humbled. I need to thank my wife and kids for their support and work during the campaign. Running for office is not easy on your family.”

Palmer, who has worked with several different county commissions over his 20-year career with the county highway department, said he thinks that experience will help in his new role.

“I think that will help during the transition period because I don’t think there will be that many differences between county and municipal government. The first thing I want to do is familiarize myself with the inner-workings of city government and see how all the departments are operating now. I think it will be important to meet with the mayor and fellow council members to see where we are financially.”

Palmer joins newcomer Jamie Harris and incumbent council members William Nale, Gary Cummings and Lanny Hubbard on the council as well as former District 5 councilman and mayor-elect David Grissom.

“I want to thank all my supporters for getting out and voting in the general election and the run-off,” Palmer said.

“I have really enjoyed meeting the people of District 1 and I look forward to working for them for the next four years. I have genuine love for people and I want to help the people of District 1 and Russellville in any way I can.

“I appreciate the way Terry and Jeff both ran their campaign and we are all neighbors in District 1 and have a lot of mutual respect for one another and I really appreciate them.”

Masterson said he was disappointed, but he expected good things from the incoming administration.

“Overall, I’ve enjoyed the last four years,” Masterson said.

“I learned a lot, learned a lot about people, including myself. But as for as this election, I’m satisfied with the effort just disappointed with the outcome. But, I’m happy for the city of Russellville because I know each member of the next administration personally and know they have good hearts to lead our town.”